Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sunday Stash - a thing for gingo, a thing for birds

I was very excited when I found this fabric (a few 'old' curtains) at the op shop sometime last year......I had such plans for this fabric. It then somehow made it to the back of the cupboard & was temporarily forgotten about. It is almost impossible to get a decent photo of.......for me at least. But here it is, pulled out of the cupboard to be made up into something soon.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

my creative space

Squeezed into a wee bit of cleared space (comparatively speaking) on my desk I managed to finally try the hand carved stamps I ordered from craftpudding way back in November! They are nice & simple & just what I had in mind....I can't believe it took me this long to find a stamp pad.....& it was just around the corner all this time! Be inspired & check out more creative spaces over at kootoyoo.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New pants

I wish I could say there are some new pants for me....nothing seems to fit me at the moment! But that is about to be sorted with some.........dare I say it.....maternity sewing!

For now it's pants for the wee ones, the ones that can get whole outfits from the op shop remnants & recycled clothes that I have stashed away.

These linen pants for Max were cut from an old Trent Nathan skirt (size 18 & from the eighties....all gathered around the waist & ankle length....oodles of fabric). They are from my ever reliable self drafted pants pattern, cut up yet another size (eekk, they grow so fast). Max requested the plane pockets & I just sewed them on free form. These were so quick to make, especially as the hem was already done for me!

I also finished these brown cord pants, another echino print (bought way back when the Australian dollar was up there with the greenback). Max thinks they are terrific & has asked for some motorbike pants as well.........I'm think he means scooter pants!

Now for the little one who also suddenly wants car & plane pants!

Sunday Stash - getting ready for winter

I did a quick scan of the shelves for winter-y fabrics to start making some pants for the kids plus to build up some extra stock. There was of course the mountains of corduroy that I always have on hand.....this lot below just being a small selection!

I found some wool (or wool blend) that will also be used for pants or jackets this coming winter. I need to get started on these sorts of things early as I have a habit of waiting too long to sew things in time for the current season. Luckily (in a warped kind of way) in Tasmania you can get all seasons in one day so everything still gets worn. All these wools are from op shops and look nothing like the photos! Our digital camera seems to have died (after 5 years of loyal service!) so I'm reliant on Tim's mobile at the moment.

This wool is very soft & grey in colour;

this wool is a pale blue that I will use to also make Adelaide a winter-weight tunic dress from;

and lastly this wool is sort of mottled black & white & will be great for pants (not itchy!)

While going through my shelves I realised how many unfinished projects I have going at the moment, so I started another........ & finished it!

This is like the bags I've been making for the kids jigsaw puzzles to be stored in. But for me they are going to be project bags. I get so sick of trying to find the bits I need to finish a particular piece that it often puts me off attempting it (that's my excuse anyway!) These will allow me to store the cut out fabric or half-finished garment plus the pattern, the thread, the zips, the buttons, etc. They are made to fit into the IKEA storage unit in my sewing room & are clear on the back so I can quickly see what's inside. I also sewed a little clear window on the front (that orange box in the photo above) so I can put in little notes , like the size pattern I used.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

February, Leonard & all that jazz

How can it nearly be the end of February?

There has been so much going on in our lives lately that I have wanted to blog about (before it evaporates from my pregnancy-diminished memory) but for now I'll do a quick (& picture heavy) round-up.

I traveled with the kids up to Northern NSW to visit my family & go see Leonard Cohen. We traveled light - carry on baggage only - it was great not to have to worry about picking up bags, etc & Max loved having his own pull-along suitcase. Traveling alone with the kids was much better than expected (*sigh* of relief!)

It was a whirlwind trip catching up with grandparents, great-grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles. The kids loved spending time with their cousins & it was so nice to see them playing together now they are all getting a bit older.

There was splashing in puddles;

sandpit action;
and visiting my Nanna's farm. I love this photo, it reminds me of old photos taken of when we visited Nan's as kids. The light is always so beautiful there in the afternoons.

I also got to admire (with some envy) my mum's garden. I forget how lush this part of Australia can be, especially with everything looking rather dry in Tassie mid-summer. There was the rampant pumpkin vines;

the lush patch at the mum doesn't throw anything away & everything seems to end up as a pot, including old toilets!

the wonderful smells of frangipani;

and more basil than you could dream about, especially given our rather lackluster growing season here in Tasmania.

Max turned a corner & realised swimming (or at least playing in the water) could be fun. Of course warmer water had a lot to do with this (as did my Mum's persistence). We had several days at the beach...or more realistically at the kid-friendly river!

I'm going to try & keep the momentum up by taking the kids to the pool more often or booking them in to swimming lessons. My problem is I really dislike the chlorine-laden indoor swimming pool & I'm reluctant to add another scheduled activity to our life, especially with a newborn in the mix!

And then there was Leonard! It really was one of the best concerts I have ever been to, and perhaps ever will. I'm forever grateful to my parents for babysitting & to Tim for arranging the tickets. I was very lucky as they were GREAT tickets that an old mate of Tim's for the cost of a (good) bottle of wine I saw Leonard with an old friend & her partner. It was a perfect, perfect, perfect concert.

A couple of days after arriving back in Tasmania, we were all on our way to the Circus Festival. It was a great weekend of camping with friends, watching performances & taking part in circus festivities. Although we didn't make it to the Bedouin Club (glamorous attire only) we could hear the music until the early hours of the morning - if we had have been awake! Of course all those with young kids got their revenge in the morning when the kids got to wake all those camped around them who did not have the foresight to pack earplugs.

And that was February to date, just a few more things to cram in...more sewing to update my Etsy shop, more jamming/bottling, my birthday, baby scans and getting plans in to Council to have a studio put in out the back of our place (a bigger sewing room...I mean a place for guests to stay!). I've also applied for a stall at the next Mothers Market, however I'm not holding out much hope as a friend told me not many casual stall holders get in.

Phew! That was a record long post!

Monday, February 16, 2009

When you don't know what to say

Firstly thanks for all the congratulations on our rapidly approaching(or so it seems) third bambino.

I've had so many things to post about lately but since we emerged from the Circus Festival on Monday to hear of the Victorian Bushfires I really haven't been able to get my thoughts straight to sit down and write. There are lots of terrific bloggers raising money through various auctions and the like. I've sent a load of kids clothes over (via our local member) and hope they will be of use to someone.

The past week has been quieter than usual and I've spent most of my time just enjoying Max & Adelaide, fully aware of how quickly things can change. It has been a week of extra cuddles, story-reading & little outings to collect ripe fruit from our neighbours. I've been avoiding the TV and most of the internet coverage as it already seems too much, I don't need the visual images as well (perhaps it's the pregnancy hormones).

I'll get back to posting some time soon - perhaps after I bottle all the fruit scattered around our house!


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