Thursday, December 24, 2009

The night before Christmas

The ham has been opened for Christmas eve toasted sandwiches....

The decorations are holding up.....

There was much excitement about going to bed with candles in their room....

And a last minute sewing effort to make a Christmas-top for Addie.....

I think we are ready!

I'll be offline for a while enjoying Tasmania in summer, hanging out with the full gang (while Tim's on holidays) and perhaps another camping trip amidst the general chaos.

Wishing you all a wonderful break also.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Creative Space - in the kitchen

Baking Christmas gifts.....

Max asked if it was a chocolate stir fry, no it isn't but I like the sentiment.

It's actually going to be panforte. I'm not giving much away as I make it every year.

I've also started the garlic harvest (after feasting on garlic shoots for a few weeks)

How I LOVE fresh organic garlic (there's also the fact it is dead easy to grow in Tasmania and after planting you basically ignore it). We all have permanent garlic breath and despite growing more and more every year I still don't think we planted enough

And the veggies for tonight's dinner

Thanks to Kristy for hosting Creative Space this year...go and look at some crafty spaces!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Stripe fest and broad bean feast

I think I've mentioned my penchant for stripes before, however it wasn't until I was downloading these photos that I realised how many stripes we had going on today!

and in case you were wondering, we are not sponsored by Bonds

Our broad bean crop is being harvested almost daily at the moment, Adelaide happily chomps through them while playing out the back....leaving a trail of pods in her wake. The few plants that popped up in the lawn (spilling things can be good) produced great big pods.

And the best bit is the smalls love to shell them for me, of course there is a small commission charged (the occasional nibble) and it keeps them amused for quite a while (not sure if this will last the season out)

I forgot to get a photo of them, in all there bright green splendour (when double shelled), cooked up with new garlic, yummmmmm.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Creative Space - Advent

With no sewing machine set up at the moment we went for a no-sew advent this year (envelopes stamped in one feeding session!)

It is proving a hit with the smalls and is the first thing we do in the morning while preparing breakfast as it is hung in the kitchen (on a line usually used for more domestic tasks like drying out plastic bags for reuse).

I've only managed to fill the first weeks worth, at this stage it is mostly with seeds for the smalls to plant out in the garden. I'll be putting the thinking cap on (and looking around for ideas) to fill the rest soon.

Yesterdays goodness:

More Creative Spaces here.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Welcome summer, make yourself at home, put your feet up and stay a while.

I'm breathing a huge sigh of relief after all my photos (and other less important stuff) was rescued from my old computer, I'm making all sorts of promises about backing-up more regularly (as you do).

I've been finding it hard to squeeze blogging in lately, we have been having fun with family visitors plus the Christmas rush is surely on. For me it is more of a summer rush as there is so much to do on the days when we actually get summer weather. Successful life in Tasmania means making the most of sunny days by dropping whatever else you planned to do.

So here's a quick wrap up of what we have been up to lately.....

Taking Leo on his first camping trip

Eating flowers from the garden

Going to the beach

Taking lots over-my-shoulder photos to see if Leo is sleeping

Summer time baths


And so many other things like spending time in the garden; harvesting, planting, carting soil, weeding, cutting, planning and dreaming of the summer to come


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