Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Apricot mission

Apparently it was too wet during the apricot flowering this year & the bees couldn't do their thing.

Consequently the neighbourhood trees have virtually no fruit.

Yet we go through about three bottles of fruit a week (possibly more now there are 3 fruit bats in the house.

So on Sunday we went for a drive to buy some apricots. Hard to believe after receiving so many free apricots over the years, the plums are still coming in thick & fast. It was worth the drive as we came home with 20 kilos of apricots. The best part was diving in for a swim on the way home, watched by this little baby-in-a-box.

The preserving has begun in earnest and the countdown is on to get it all bottled before we head of camping for the long weekend. A few late nights ahead of me I think!


Lauren said...

A-ha!! Thank-you for explaining our apricot drought!! A few friends have noticed the same and we knew it was rain related, but weren't sure how. The apricots we did get were HUGE and juicy though. I love summer in Tassie :)

Kate said...

My mouth is salivating thinking of 20kg of apricots!


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