Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A month of change - January

I decided to take part in the 'One small change' project a while back. My focus for January was food. Given we are in the middle of the summer fruit glut that involves lots of freezing, stewing, jamming and bottling it was nice to focus on something so NOW.

I've been planning our meals (even if I don't always follow the 'menu') which has made a huge difference. The main way this has helped has been that it creates a shopping list of sorts (rather than wandering aimlessly though the markets & stores without any real plans, grabbing bits & pieces that don't always come together at meal times!). This planning has also helped in reducing our meat consumption substantially, even in peak BBQ season. I discovered I need to leave a day or two unplanned for when I just can't be bothered (baked beans anyone?) or to use up the leftovers that tend to accumulate in the fridge towards the end of the week.

I've been trying to reduce the amount we buy from the big supermarkets which in many ways is easier in Hobart with great fresh produce markets & bulk food stores. However I can't always find the energy to cart 3 kids around town visiting lots of different shops on a regular basis so I've started to develop a pretty good larder in our "garage" so I buy nearly everything in bulk now. Having a deep freezer also helps....like when I found some bananas reduced to 90 cents/kilo on the weekend.....

.....we now have 6 kilos of bananas in the freezer, ready for smoothies, cakes or "ice cream".

The other big part I wanted to focus on was using local produce wherever possible, particularly if it is from our garden...no strapping 3 kids in the car (my dislike of this is less to do with fuel consumption worries and more to do with trying to stay sane!). At the moment this has meant incorporating a whole lot of lettuce and potatoes into our meals.

All I can say is thank goodness for the nicoise salad!

And now for February........our power usage and how we can reduce it.


Gina said...

This is great Angie. Inspired by you and your post a few weeks back, I've decided that working on less food wasteage is my major goal in sustainable living for the whole year! (I might not need that long, but I have some pretty big habits to get out of and need time to change them). I'll do a blog report about it at some point. Thanks for kicking me in the right direction.

Tricia said...

Ive also found meal planning has helped cut out food waste. We get two seperate local organic vege boxes throughout the week - so i look at whats in the box and then plan meals for the next few days. I'm finding meals that we love that i probably wouldn't have tried otherwise.

We have been totally local for veges (but unfortunately fruit has been harder) for around 6 months and i've found that it has gotten easier over time and i'm not missing anything. I love how what we eat changes with the seasons.

Those frozen Bannanas sound yummy. We are big frozen bannana eaters here. my daughter and I just had some simple sliced frozen bannanas for morning tea.


Melanie said...

I have the most newbie question ever and that is, How do you freeze bananas. I heard of this recently after throwing so many out because my kids only love them when we dont have them and when we have them they leave them to go black. I cannot eat them raw unless I have codiene handy but I can eat them cooked. So please tell me how to freeze them. Food knowledge isnt one of my talents I am afraid so I would be so grateful for this information:) Cheers


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