Wednesday, March 17, 2010


So much has changed since this little boy came into our lives four years ago.

I can hardly remember the life I had before having children, it feels so distant at times. I do recall that it involved a lot more sleep and time to myself. I laugh now when I hear people say things like "having kids won't change me or my lifestyle". I'm afraid there is something very wrong if your life doesn't change after having children, unless perhaps your pre-kids lifestyle involved being woken up all the time, having someone accompany you to the toilet (or at least try their darnedest to), constant mess and incessant chatter about rocketships, how to put out a fire on the moon, birds, diggers, cranes, the moon, how to make water, how great mobilo is, giant trees and silkworm eggs (to name a few topics from today's conversations)

But here we are

four years on

FOUR years

I'd say it goes by all so fast

except everyone always says"'it goes by so fast"

(probably because it actually does go by so fast)

except each day, they don't always seem to go by so fast

the truth is the days are long but the years are short

So here is Max yesterday, all grins after blowing out the candles on his 3rd cake for the day....

And being four means you get 4 cakes right?

Or so he seems to believe.

Last year he requested a pear cake for his party.

This year he's asked for a solar system cake. Yikes!

I blame all this talk of having now been around the sun four times

and this....

as well as this rather presumptuously named tome.....

I'm off to work out how I can make a cake solar system. Did I mention the request also specified an icecream cake as well as including "a rocketship on it's way to the moon"



frank said...

dear sir max. happy birthday golden haired boy. many blessings and best wishes and luck for all those backyard and camping and building adventures. love and love from the other side of the world ... melaleuca and sophie and frank x (ha if we fall off we will love you from space!)

Cotton Kiwi said...

LOL. Love it! You've got your work cut out for you with THAT cake request! I think I would be calling upon lego to help me! Good luck with it!

Kate said...

Happy birthday to Mr 4 and his mama!
Hey Angie, I just sent you 2 emails. Can you please let me know if you do or don't get them.
Thanks heaps. Love Kate X

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Max!

Good luck with that solar system cake! Yikes!

I asked Hugo what sort of cake he'd like for his upcoming birthday and he said vanilla. Gotta love that!

hanna said...

he he, hilarious. I have a nearly four year old boy too, they seem so big all of a sudden aye - and so I totally understand you, especially about the incessant chatter :)
Happy Birthday big boy!

sanjeet said...

love and love from the other side of the world ..
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Myson said...

oh we just did four - it is full one! far more for me than him I think. We did a pink hippo cake - go figure@!

Umatji said...

sorry myson was actually me!


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