Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back in the saddle (sort of)

If I had an ounce more energy I could (possibly) write a better post-holiday-post but I really DON'T HAVE ANY EXTRA ENERGY.

Our time away was great.......mostly just getting to share the kid-wrangling duties and being away from home, where there are always a million things that need doing.

We stayed at a shack not far from the beach.....

a shack with a candelabra that was the source of much excitement

& 6 steamer pots (but only 2 saucepans?) that were perfect for band practice
(especially with the record collection on hand)

we made walnut boats

and abandoned them to the elements....

we visited old convict ruins where Max acted the tour guide, showing me the really dark bedrooms (isolation cells that are really freaky to stand in even for a minute)

went to the wasn't really that cold, she does love that suit though

tried fishing (without the fish part)

we climbed giant sand dunes

looked out

& then slid down them

or overjoyed with the whole sand experience, dived in face first!



Anonymous said...

Ang, looks like a lovely family holiday to relax and unwind..Luv Britt

Two Tuesdays said...

Looks like my kind of holiday. What is it furnished holiday homes and their serious lack of saucepan action? We went to one recently that had more dried spices than you could poke a stick at and yet only one revolting aluminium saucepan...

Bird Bath said...

oh that holiday sounds wonderfully exhausting. Nothing like a bit of coastal air to wear the kiddies out. Love that orchestra :)

Joanne said...

Great photos. Makes me want to head off on holidays somewhere!

Umatji said...

oh my goodness - this looks like a fantastic holiday - wonderful pics = I had no idea you had 3 and small!


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