Thursday, April 8, 2010

Garlic planting

We try to avoid the rampant consumer aspects of modern holidays/celebrations, like Easter. I know that small folk get excited about chocolate Easter eggs, but really my lot get excited about going for a ride on their bikes or having their Dad home for 4 whole days so I see little point in buying into the Easter shopping-frenzy. Of course it is hard to avoid in many ways as society is so geared up for the consumer aspects of Easter (& Christmas) that it is always seems to be the main focus........."how many Easter eggs did you get?"......... "what did Santa bring you?"

I'm not totally bah-humbug about presents and Easter eggs I just feel a bit sickened by the "WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME, ME, ME??" attitude that children can develop from the focus always being on the things they receive. I know as they grow older the focus on 'the gifts' intensifies but I'm hoping that by not nurturing a focus on 'things I get' early on it may carry through for many years to come (I know I'll probably look back and laugh at that in years to come.....but I really hope not!)

So the only chocolate eggs this Easter were the 4 baby choc eggs Max brought home from 'preschool'. Cheap nasty things that were shared around and eaten with minimal fanfare. We painted some eggs and dyed a few more but even most of the Easter craft activities seem to be very spring orientated (which would be fine if we lived in the Northern hemispere). So in a quest to find an activity to include in 'our Easter celebrations' that was relevant to where we live and how we live I started planting the garlic.

Garlic planting is perfect for willing little helpers as the cloves are easily handled and there is little to go wrong. I lay the cloves out where I would approximately like them to be buried and the smalls follow behind to bury them where they would approximately like them to be buried.

And of course there was the much anticipated Gruffalo viewing which was greeted with wide-eyed wonder and an overflowing bowl of fresh popcorn......perfect....if only I had thought to get a blank video........if they still make them?


katepickle said...

that reminds me I must order some more garlic - forget to save some from last harvest!
I am with you on the Easter thing.. we didn't buy our children anything, and the spring crafts etc are lovely but sort of feel wrong when we are staring down the barrel of winter. Garlic planting sounds perfect!

Victoria said...

I do admire your Easter attitude and wish we had more of that "less about me" attitude in our house. I do think, however, that if you come to this opinion (as I have) it is often too late to change things around completely. I didn't really think about how I wanted to parent before starting on the journey - aside obviously from love, encouragement, self belief etc. I never thought about tv, food, treats, gifts etc and as a result got swept along. We are trying to turn the emphasis back to a simpler time - but I have to say it would be much easier if there weren't things to undo!

pen said...

i admire your easter attitude too. we did gifts (a knitted hotwater bottle cover, a clipboard with paper and a pen. well talk about thrilled!) and a choccy bunny, and they remained fairly low-key about the whole thing. amazing since they're surrounded by the hype at school and kindy.

when do you know when your garlic is ready to harvest? do you use regular garlic to plant?

my word verification is billyt. cute. esp as i am drinking a cup of tea right now :)

Joanne said...

A lovely post. We don't celebrate Easter or do the chocolate egg thing at all. We do have a dignified Memorial- remembering the religious aspect of the occasion.
As with your family we also enjoy having a few days together, spent either at home catching up or meeting up with like-minded friends.
I'd love to grow garlic- will be watching to see how yours does.


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