Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Swap goodness

When Kate proposed a pin cushion swap I jumped on board, full of enthusiasm to get this swap sent off on-time, thoughtfully wrapped & did I mention on-time.

After a few false starts I just had to put it aside.

Then one day a package arrived on the doorstep.

It contained a perfect little pincushion. It is perfectly balanced, hand sewn with beautiful wool felt, and it fits perfectly on the wee little space next to my overlocker (serger).

But that's not all...there was also this....

I was stunned. Here was someone who made beautiful gifts AND sent them early!

I'm was in awe. Kristi creates so many gorgeous things that you should pop over & explore.

I was totally in a flap after that & everything I started making was cast aside while I looked hopefully to my new strawberry pincushion for inspiration. Finally on the evening I was supposed to have sent my pincushion I got it finished!

Apologies to Cathie for my rather late pincushion arrival And thanks to Kate for organising it all.


Kate said...

What a gorgeous little strawberry pin cushion. Kristi really does have the most beautiful style and her blog is stunning. You are so welcome and THANK YOU again for playing and for that sheet that I love and cannot wait to sew with. I hope you have the best weekend.

Gina said...

I adored the pincushion you made, saw it on Cathie's blog. I get the procrastinating... But hey, you got it made and what a beauty.

Kristi said...

Thank you for you kind words about my little blog. It was a pleasure putting this package together for you. Enjoy.


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