Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Heading north

The small ones & I are heading off to the 'Mainland' tomorrow

:: the bags are packed

:: I think I've remembered everything

:: one tenth of the things I wanted to do before going got done

:: it's going to be warmer up there

:: I get to meet my new nephew

:: I get to off-load more baby gear

:: my sisters & I get to catch up amongst the cousin chaos (we all had babies last year)

:: Max is excited as he wants to see a volcano (I've been trying to explain it is an OLD volcano)

:: Addie wants to see Annie's mango tree

:: Leo will be happy as long as there is a sandpit or beach

:: I'm looking forward to some child-free moments

:: I'm hoping all goes well on the flight up as I'm seriously out-numbered!

:: 3 whole weeks


Two Tuesdays said...

I watched the sun set over that very volcano just this afternoon! Have a wonderful holiday.

Kate said...

Yay!Have an excellent adventure. i thanked you on my blog yesterday for those sheets. I can't stop looking at them and wishing for some sewing time. Thanks again. X

Christina said...

Have a wonderful time. And don't worry, if you have forgotten anything you will be able to beg, borrow or buy it! :)

Michelle said...

Have a lovely holiday with your family! Three whole weeks! Enjoy!

pen said...

yes it is warmer up here, you'll be swimming in the sea for sure! it's tshirts and shorts during the day and a cardigan at night. enjoy! i am looking at that volcano too.

Lauren said...

How brilliant!! It sounds lovely to catch up with sisters and babies. Have a wonderful time. x

Little Snoring said...


Have you seen the promo opportunity that Angela from Kidstylefile has just launched? It would be a great opp to have your lovely goodies seen by their huge readership.
There are details on my blog or head to KidSytleFile and search for 'I Made This'.

Hope you are well



Tania said...

Way to go family! Three weeks makes any post holiday washing mountain worth it!


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