Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mojo arrives - Hallelujah

back home

Although we flew back into Hobart a couple of weeks ago it seems that my mojo was left behind & only arrived a couple of days ago (I imagine it decided to hitchhike after missing the flight...typical)

The three weeks went by quite quickly (perhaps not for our hosts......thanks again m&d) in a whirl of catch-ups, cousins, lego, scooters, pawpaws, tarago-hire, BBQs and beach visits, flying fox-spotting (Max's new interest, right up there with birds)

We arrived to find winter had settled in while we were galavanting around in the relative warmth. The new heating is being installed at a snails pace & I'm looking forward to never again uttering "close the door

While waiting for my mojo to return I've been

:: pulling out the woolens

:: trying to ignore the state of the house
:: lamenting the loss of all my bookmarks after Tim's computer tinkering while I was away (all those tutorials!!!!!)

:: making stocks & soups
:: watching mobilo creations come & go
:: buying tickets to see Leonard again (he's venturing further south this time around)
:: hanging out in the local library (searching for books on bats & birds mostly)

and the most important winter survival strategy I know of

:: getting out into the sun whenever it shines for picnics, walks, scooter rides or park visits


Kate said...

Welcome back! I read once that you should always give yourself the time it would have taken you to walk somewhere to adjust to being there. So maybe your mojo hitchhiking its way back home actually makes sense. have fun.

Gina said...

Ooh, hello! That's such a great point, making every opportunity to get out into the winter sunshine. You're absolutely right, it's the best tonic for everyone. Your little fella is looking so, well, big - and gorgeous. I love the header with the apples too. Keep ignoring the mess and enjoy settling back in. x G

Two Tuesdays said...

How gorgeous is your wee babe sleeping in the wintery sun? Delightful.

I never can unpack upon returning from a good holiday. Though if it was bad, I unpack immediately...

Michelle said...

Those rays are so precious in these short days. Your peeps look lovely and warm. Elsa is obsessed with birds, especially wedge tail eagles and we are often out with binoculars searching the skies.

kat007 said...

I don't usually comment on blogs, (I'm a lurker), but I was so excited to see the book your kids were looking at on raptors! My 20 something son has been a raptor fan since early childhood and is now federally licensed here in the states to be a falconer. Last year he trapped and trained a red tail hawk. I just wish I knew how to post a picture 'cuz it was awesome! Best wishes.

Heart Felt said...

Loving all the woolies...xx

pen said...

i'm glad you enjoyed your time up north (near to me). it's getting colder here now, sometimes we have to put SHOES ON and LONG SLEEVES ha ha :)

Michelle said...

It's hard to get back in the swing of things when you return from time away! Hope yours has come back. Lovely photos!


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