Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday morning reading

Having the paper delivered on the weekends is a great start to a lazy morning.

The local paper is divided up into various sections for various family members.

Until I met Tim I thought the car section was only provided to line the compost bucket, but he reads it. He really reads it, keeps it around & goes back to it even. Strange but true.

I usually head for the middle to read the gardening section over breakfast while listening to Peter Cundall on the radio. Lately though I've had some competition for the middle section.

Max has discovered the weekly bird column.

Now with his bird book ready we read about whatever adventures Don Knowler has been up to.

Imagine his excitement when this week featured a white-bellied sea undeniable favourite, partly fueled by this video (which he seems to watch every few days). Max often asks if he can BE a white-bellied sea eagle one day?

Not to pretend, a real one. Hmmmm.

When I suggested he could one day write about birds he nodded, pointed at the photo of Don Knowler & declared "I'll need a blue shirt then".


Allana said...

How fantastic!!
My husband reads the car section too - they are strange creatures ;)

Green Pickles said...

I should read the paper more I guess!



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