Wednesday, June 30, 2010

teeth, tupperware, grandpa pants & winter fun

I'm not sure why or how time seems to slip away so quickly after the winter solstice but I'm feeling the swoosh of Christmas just around the corner, all the while trying to slow.down.a.little.

In recent times there has been:

the growing(& growing) of teeth
accompanied by the requisite night-waking & occasional breast-biting

the discovery of the Tupperware cupboard

(even though nothing pictured is actually Tupperware because I have to keep the containers we actually use somewhere else to minimise the trip hazards & to keep them sort-of clean for use!)

the dinner-preparation wearing of tupperware-scattering-THIRTEEN KILO-baby to avoid further lid-skating/falling incidents

the daily Mobilo creations
a super-hero watch

the rubbish collection scene I found this morning

the collecting of Grandpa pants

for the making of boy pants
(a quick picture taken en route to the washing machine after a trial wearing)

and the collecting of oddments from the winter garden

all the while trying to get outside despite the winter weather as we plot grand interior design schemes for the cubby house


Two Tuesdays said...

Even if the days are evaporating, it certainly looks like you are making the most of every minute!

pen said...

i LOVE that mobilo creation of garbage bins and truck! still a part of our wednesday is sitting on the driveway watching the garbage collection. i've been doing it for 5 years now.............


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