Friday, July 23, 2010

Another post brought to you by the colour green

Even a cursory glance around the blogosphere shows a variety of trends, and personally I love jumping on a bandwagon from time to time.

There is the viral granny square craft craze (I wish I had more patience for crochet, but I think even if I did, I don't have any need for more granny square rugs....the op shops have provided me with excess & probably will keep doing so for years to come!) I think this trend must be equivalent to the macrame making of my mother's era....remember those owl wall hangings?

There are food/recipe trends that I've happily integrated into our diets.....baking bread, meal planning, kale chips and now thanks to a personal endorsement by Michelle my latest addition, the green smoothie.

Good in so many ways, easier to clean up after than juicing, freshening in the sense of having to dash out into the frosty garden to collect an assortment of greens, filling in your tum, and they make you feel good. Perfect for days when porridge is not appealing. And given our current green glut these are super cheap, organic (no one sees those insect holes in a smoothie) & occasionally provide a bit of protein (did I mention organic?)

I'm a convert....but will control myself from going on & on & on about how good these are (because I easily could you know).


Maxabella said...

I'm going to give these a try (I don't own a juicer, but I do have a bamix!).

Two Tuesdays said...

Oh yum! I'm a fan of leafy smoothies

Theresa said...

Looks wonderful

Michelle said...

Yay! Glad you've joined the green movement!


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