Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Australia Post - more letterbox love

Yet more recent deliveries...

This tea towel from the talented Tania over at Myrtle&Eunice who has a new shop here.

My photo was taken when I went to collect it from the line & realised this looked like Tania's photo. Of course when I downloaded looks nothing like the original which is all shiny & ironed! My photo is fitting for a tea towel residing at our place though, given they are usually found in a soggy pile by the back door waiting to go to the laundry.

I also ordered some of her amazing cards, best seen in her shop, they will be perfect to have on hand for future birthdays (especially for the bug-loving smalls living in our house)
. This one is my favourite....

*Tania's photo

And then a bill arrived *sigh*

And then this fabric arrived (canceling out the bill effect!)

It's out drying on the washing line now, ready to be cut up tonight for some more dresses (similar to this
one from a while back) for the upcoming market I'm panicking about busy making for.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

All gorgeous stuff! Love the fabric, really lovely.

I turned a shirt collar and it worked! I feel so thrifty and virtuous! Thanks so much for a great tutorial.



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