Saturday, July 17, 2010

dirt :: hallelujah

I'm so glad last week is over.

I'm usually OK with rough days (or I accept they happen) but too many in a row is just, well, too many (combined with a good dose of sleeplessness :: all children contributing equally)

So today I got out & into the dirt.

For me gardening is rarely a chore,

:: it's a slowing down
:: breathing deeply
:: hands in the dirt
:: kind of sanity

The garden has been in free fall for a while now, left to fend for itself. In most instances this has been OK, although a little dry given how little rain we have had.

A quick wander revealed the good & bad of self seeding (my number one lazy-gardener tactic)


lambs lettuce (let this go to seed once & it will be your official winter salad green for life :: whether you like it or not)

in amongst the garlic or on the path....

more garlic and some self seeded miners lettuce (another friend for life)


all those self sown weeds now in the compost
(& before they set seed :: a small miracle)
ready for planting out

Back in March I convinced Tim that another raised bed would fit out the front of our place. It was installed with the help of my folks (and the smalls of the house).

I really like these raised beds. I get the deep beds so we can dig them in about 10-15cm all the way around to prevent grass growing into the beds. This bed provided many hours of dirt filled fun before the planting began.....

This bed was the 3rd we have put in & this time around the bed was filled with our compost & some delivered garden loam. When it was filled about halfway I put a soaker hose in it, curling it around but trying not to bend it. I put the end of the hose up one end, cut to the top of the garden bed (just refit the hose end). The rest of the bed was then filled up, covering the hose. This has meant that once seedlings get going with a bit of surface watering I can just attach the hose to the soaker hose fitting & leave it on a timer with all the water going directly to the roots. So far it has worked really well. The best part is that each day we pass the bed & can easily weed, water, plant or pick! This bed was always destined to be mostly for the smalls so that explains the insane mixture & quantity of plants now growing in it

cabbage, rocket, beet, leek, chervil, spinach, broad beans, sweet peas, parsley & kale!

While I weeded this afternoon, Max dug for pirate treasure while asking me

:: how it is that the people living down the bottom of the Earth do not fall off
:: do pirates only live on boats & are there girl pirates
:: how can you become a king or queen
:: where else could he dig

and my surprise garden discovery :: crimson flowering broad beans

By the time I came in at sunset I felt renewed :: hallelujah


Jo's Place said...

Lovely garden, I love those raised beds. We are currently re-doing our whole vege garden and it's going to take a couple more months before I have anything productive happening in it :(

Gina said...

I think I'm seeking this kind of sanity saver, your description of getting into the dirt sounds so wholesome.

Love the raised bed. My dad was given one for Christmas, great on the back - I adore the kids' chaotic overgrowth, it's so joyfully abundant!

Stella said...

amazing garden! Lovely...

Cindy said...

Yumm, edible theorpy

pen said...

i could do so much more in our garden...............

Tanya said...

OOH, our school has just ordered some of those raised beds- they look great. And I loved reading about those very thoughtful questions!

Bellgirl said...

Oh how fantastic, I'm hoping to get two of those raised beds one day! We also have the invasive lawn problem. We've got some little homemade round ones but they're too small to put a seep hose in. Do you have room on your sidebar to join the Veg About? I've revamped it to make it simpler:


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