Friday, August 20, 2010

The final days of winter 2010

I was starting to think we had missed our mountain visit this winter with minimal snow falls this year. Not that I have any complaints about the mild winter we have had (except the obvious worries about what these strange climate events mean long term). So when the mountain was snow-capped earlier this week we emptied the excursion basket of beach things & filled it with snow paraphernalia & headed up for an afternoon on the Mountain.

There was still enough snow around for some play

My legs are still feeling the effects of clambering over boulders with an extra 12 kilos
on my back and a bucket of snow to take home

We built the obligatory snowman

And brought home enough snow to build another one for our place

It's all seems a bit familiar, a winter tradition I'm looking forward to for years to come.

After a busy week I wasn't up for another excursion yesterday to see the Southern Right Whale born in the Derwent River so we have spent the morning watching it on the computer & feeling glad we live in Hobart with access to so many adventures.


Anonymous said...

What a great day out....I remember clambering around with you up there a few years ago. I'm not sure how Leo will feel in years to come when he idebtifies himself being dressed up in the pink snow suit! Luv Britt

Melinda said...

Those little faces look so cold, but happy.

Rach said...

Oh how I miss the Mountain...x

Kate said...

That is one gorgeous tradition.
I can't believe you got to take some snow home to make a man. That is so fun.
have a fab weekend.

kelly said...

It is crazy how much I miss that mountain too. Lovely photos. I love the beach shots too, I can almost feel that cold, fine sand!

JANE said...

Hi Angie

As a fellow Hobart mum, I love your photos. We might try to head up there with our littlies tomorrow if the snow's still there. Just gorgeous photos and precious memories.

I have just started a blog called and I have added your blog to my list of favourites. Come on over and have a look!

Jane x

Kate said...

Oh much fun - my kids are desperate to see snow!

Sarah said...

Wasn't the snow so nice to see! Funny Saturday was warm considering the blanket still there. I know - we are so lucky to live here! We went for a long walk down at a beach at the end of Rifle Range Rd Lauderdale this afternoon. It was peaceful along with birds, a 14 mth old babble and two boys on push bikes. We both were saying how good it is to live here.

Joanne said...

Brrrr...we'll be in Hobart for a brief holiday in less that 2 weeks. Looks like we should rug up!
How cute are those little snow-bunnies in their suits :-)


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