Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Creative Space - timber

Given that I never seem to have enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to, I should try reducing the number of project ideas swirling around in my head. Instead I've been letting them multiply, go figure.

The most regular conversation topic at the moment is SCHOOL (where will the 4 year old be next year - another post altogether). I've been reading a lot of education philosophy books lately (with the library fines to prove it). Currently I have a crush on Maria Montessori. Unfortunately there is no Montessori school in Hobart. If you are a Montessori teacher & fancy living in Hobart, you would make a killing as every second parent wishes there was a Montessori school here. So instead I've been trying to work out which Montessori equipment we could buy, borrow or make. The toy library are not so keen on buying any Montessori equipment which is a shame as I think that would be the natural place for it. So I've a little list of things I'm looking to make.

This spindle box is the first completed project. I had a local craftsman make the box (from some recycled King Billy window frames) and I made the rods (which really was just cutting & sanding....all 45 of them!)

Max has really been getting into this as counting is a current favourite pursuit. You can read more about using a spindle box here. So continuing on the theme of numbers I got these pieces of timber to make some number rods (just more cutting & sanding really).

The only problem with Montessori is the call for order & neatness in children's surroundings. I'm all for that to, especially if it's not me creating all that order & neatness. The smalls do respond better when we are in a good rhythm & things are fairly ordered (so do I, who doesn't?), the problem is maintaining order, neatness and calm. So its a kind of, sort of, vague aim (with a large dollop of reality).

I'd love to have more time to make wooden toys/equipment but there are a whole bunch of things that I can see are just going to be made out of cardboard & large quantities of sticky tape, which is better suited to my woodworking abilities anyway. Anyway I better go find that blunt saw & get started.

More creative spaces over this way.


74 Lime Lane said...

this is such a great idea, the montessori philosophy is so lovely, although it is hard to find schools
i love the spindle box

Renee said...

Oh love it! I have seen similar ideas with egg cartons and rocks/shells/gumnuts etc. I look forward to seeing your other creations.

Two Tuesdays said...

Very clever! I couldn't come at the extreme order of Montessori either. I'm sure it is true that we all flourish in neatness - but I'm just not that industrious on a daily basis. Plus, I actually like me a bit of colourful mess.

Would love to hear how you get one with schools. I've just started the kindy search and have found that I ought to have begun whilst pregnant. There are no spots anywhere - not even room on waiting lists.

ecoMILF said...

What a great and simple handmade toy and so many possibilities. THanks! xo m.

Michelle said...

Lovely idea. I can tell Montessori is popular here in Tassie by the waiting list to borrow books from the library.

I have cut letters and numbers out of sandpaper and stuck these onto card for an easy numeracy and literacy activity.

We were lucky enough to have Elsa in a montessori playgroup in Sydney. Totally loved it.


Tricia said...

Lovely spindle box!

My dauughter started at a Montessori preschool a few weeks ago. She loves it as much as I thought she would.

P.S. Daddy Eco liked your partners comment that there should be a support group for partners who craft :-)

Kate said...

That is a shame about toy library. Ours has bougt some lovely stuff and we had a kind of Montessori play group for a while. Wish we had a Montessori school close too.


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