Monday, August 23, 2010

Taking my time

I finished this little backpack for Adelaide last week. I think I cut it out nearly a year ago (a little after I finished Max's version). It has been floating around the house on various to-do piles with the occasional bit of work done here & there. I'm not sure why some projects just seem to drag on while others are started & finished within the week. Adelaide however decided that it needed to be finished by the time she was three, which suddenly is just around the corner!!

Then finally the stars aligned (plus she started to wax lyrical over the plastic 'my little pony' backpack in the local op shop, the one that stayed there a very long time) and so I got it done. She loves it. Loves it.

After several days of wearing it everywhere she said 'I really love my backpack, but it did take a really long time to make'. I started to feel guilty & wonder why it had taken so very long. I changed tack & decided it was really just SLOW sewing, similar to Slow cooking but without something good to eat at the end. So I explained that it does take a long time to make things (a year may be a tad longer than most) and that all those backpacks in the shops were made by someone & that despite how impossibly cheap they are they took a long time to make as well. She seemed to get it & is asking how long every little thing took to make.

I guess I should really get a push along & finish off that baby-doll (another project started long ago). I tried a couple of felt facial features (based on the original pattern) but none seemed to work. I think it's the hair so I'll try a different hair style & then go for a simpler face. Perhaps soon, perhaps in 12months time?

In the mean time these peg people (cunningly crafted in less than a minute) have been keeping the smalls busy. Dressing them up & building homes for them. Thank goodness for wooden pegs, scraps of cloth, playdough & cardboard boxes!


littlegreenvillage said...

I like the idea of "slow" sewing!
I have recently returned to sewing and am enjoying the process - the finished product is a bonus!

what a gorgeous backpack!

Ellieboo said...

No wonder your little one loves it - it looks great. I so have to make one of these but feel it could take me just as long as you.


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