Wednesday, August 4, 2010

These days.....

.....just seem to slip by in a haze of

crazy kid conversations


minor plot-losing



There have been other things in amongst the life-maintenance jobs that seem to take up so much time lately including

sewing pants for Leo & then realizing they are too small
& then realizing they fit Adelaide
& that she loves them
:: despite her running commentary this morning in the supermarket about all the' lovely pink things' she spied

picking cumquats from our overladen little tree :: just need to marmalade them now (any day now)

supervising crafty pursuits that rapidly descend into tears with a standing-super-reaching baby brother around. Noticing that crafting small has incorporated found cornflakes into collage :: an insight into my housekeeping standards

Completing rather unglamourous sewing projects :: waterproof mattress protectors using this tutorial from the blog with loads of inspiration Hazelnuts.

Finally finding one of these at the op shop

soon converted into wooden beads galore

I see many a new wooden bead necklace coming my way.


JANE said...

Oh, Angie, I hear you! I really relate to your experiences as a mum of Mr 4.5, Miss 2.5 and Mr 1. That is what our life is like! You capture it so gorgeously. The photos are divine - a fabulous use of colour. Well done. Feel free to follow me at my blog,

Kind regards


christine said...

Hi Angie, I love this post - sounds just like my life! I love stopping by and being inspired by what you're doing. I've been a sporadic follower of yours for a while but I don't know if i've ever commented.
Thanks for popping past and saying hello - lovely to hear from you and yes those chubby legs are just delicious!

kim at allconsuming said...

Make that marmalade before they all go moldy. No really. I have learnt this from years of experience.

And I'm ever so glad I made you snort!

Tricia said...

Ha ha! I loved the cornflakes in the collage.

I'd never though of sing one of those seat cover thingies as a source of beads. What a brilliant idea!!! Thankyou...I know what i'm looking for now :-)

Cindy said...

There was a lot of head nodding here - it can very easily all blur together! I LOVE those pants though - no wonder Adelaide is all over them.


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