Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A rainbow birthday
Or so it seems when I look back through the photos
There was the requested rainbow bunting

the offcuts

the ever popular backpack

and the birthday girl herself (this is about where the rainbow theme peters out)

A leisurely birthday party with friends and family. I like to set the bar low for kids birthday parties....no party games (when they are this young anyway), no presents, no party bags, minimal fuss. I figure getting the house clean for a party & baking a cake is work enough. This year we suggested if friends really wanted to bring something they could rummage through their wardrobes and bring something to add to the dress-up box.

She has been a dress-upperer for a long time now...

For our girl who loves to play dress ups we now have lots of new lovelies to play with.

That said Addie & I came down with a gastro bug after the party so we have all been in our pajamas for a couple of days now. I'll spare you the details but thankfully it was only short-lived.

And being three means first haircuts (at the hairdressers thank you very much)

A big girl now



Bellgirl said...

Oh congratulations to you all! The rainbow bunting looks wonderful, and is that a Made by Rae pettern backpack? What a sweet birthday girl!

bec said...

Happy birthday Adelaide! It's been fun watching you become a 'big girl'!

Christina said...

Happy Birthday! Love it all. The bunting, that orange cardi and those glasses!


Melinda said...

She looks adorably cuddly in the cardigan.

JANE said...

Just the cutest! I love the hairdresser shot - most grownup! And well done, Mummy, on the colourful party.

pen said...

happy birthday adelaide! i love the bunting. ours went up last year, and oh my gosh it's still up.

Two Tuesdays said...

Happy happy birthday! Looks like a wonderful day xx

littlegreenvillage said...

The first haircut is so special! My daughter didn't have any hair when she was born, and it took a long time to grow, and was very sparse for the first year.
When her hair eventually grew, i was so happy that I didn't get my daughter's haircut until she was 4 and a half!
I shed a little tear when she eventually had it cut, but it was a milestone.

Maxabella said...

Setting the bar low is an excellent strategy. I went in too high, too soon and now at the tender age of six I'm staging a circus. Not good. x


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