Saturday, August 14, 2010

A week - random order

Sometimes a weeks worth of photos seems much more 'romantic' than the reality but never the less it feels good to occasionally look back over the week & realise in amongst the feelings of never getting anything done, that in fact there are so many things that fill up our days. Some of the moments from the last week

making plans for all those beads (from this)

evening walks

keeping an eye on 'the choker'

Winter beach visits

:: smalls playing/sleeping while I sipped hot sweet black tea
(Hooray for remembering the thermos)
while reading this......thanks Jane....
I do believe I even snorted mid-laugh
(perhaps more than once)

Depressingly I also picked up two large bags of plastic rubbish in a very small radius. From the rubbish I collected I believe the main littering offender only eats food from snack sized individually wrapped portions and smokes (smokes a lot!)

setting the smalls up outside to play with wheat (eventually mixed with sand & water of course)

& sprouting some for the chickens who are back laying eggs for us

identifying the culprit behind the mystery-objects-in-the-bath-tub-saga (this time it was the not so mysterious towels & the bath was unfortunately full)

and some quick (and rather slap-dash) hack & sew,
the before.....well almost

the may fit her in another 2 years!

There was also

:: catching up with an old friend/flatmate & her children (for chatting over cups of tea)
:: a whole day of rain (for a very thirsty garden)
:: one early morning walk (I need more of these, difficult for a natural night-owl)

And one whole day of the weekend still to feels good with Spring just around the corner.


Sue said...

The little dress looks very cute! I had to have a giggle when I saw the culprit, how cute.

Dee said...

what a lovely post :)
::envy @ the beads::the little yellow boys toy that's in amongst the sand baking made me smile::the dress from the top is gorgeous!::oh, and i hope your hens realise how good they've got it :)

Joanne said...

Yes, its good to take stock of the things we HAVE been doing. Its a full and busy life, this motherhood caper.

Lovely photos.

littlegreenvillage said...

You are so talented!
I love the little dress as well as the one you upcycled.


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