Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Op shop goodness

There are some who may suggest that we already have enough

:: sewing machines in our house

:: bikes in our shed

:: vintage sheets in our linen cupboard

:: and suitcases for storing various collections

They would of course be wrong

All of this goodness for $35.

The sewing machine is off to see Bill the retired sewing machine repairman/enthusiast for a service & general look over. The pedal bike is for a 'Dad & son' bike maintenance project and then a summer of bike riding/crashes/near misses & pedal brake skids. The sheets will probably be chopped up for sewing PJ's. The suitcase will be used to store all the random clothing I've been collecting for refashioning projects, like that stripey knit sitting on top of the suitcase.

And the reinforcements arrive tonight in the form of my parents so I have a to do list as long as my arm(s) of projects I want to try & get done [sans little people]

I hope they bring a little spring weather with them!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eating our greens

We are still trying to eat our way through our green excess

so dinner tonight was a green version of our ricotta gnocci recipe,
a great one for the kids to roll & chop into evenly sized pieces

this lot had the above spinach steamed, zapped & mixed in

the sauce selections from the pantry/freezer
(everyone went for the pesto)

served with fresh peas, snowpeas & miners lettuce to make an all-round green meal

despite looking like boiled green playdough it was all eaten without fuss.

The miners lettuce has been excitely eaten by the smalls ever since I told them how fairies use these as umbrellas & love to eat them all day long

I like to think of it as encouraging their imagination rather than lying

because everyone knows that tofu comes from tow-trucks*
(in particular Terry-the-tow-truck-driver)

* I can't take the credit for this one as Max came up with it himself

Thursday, September 9, 2010

There are better ways to end the day.....

* the nest the kids made under the clothesline

Some days
(yesterday in particular)
the sun shines and shines
the kids happily play outside most of the day
the slow cooker is going by mid morning
I squeeze in a little sewing
I get to have a conversation on the phone
(kids still outside obviously)
everyone remains reasonably cool, calm & collected
(due to the timely supply of sleeps, snacks & smoothies)
no bills arrive
partner phones to say he will be late
slow cooker feeds everyone
so far, so good

heading for the home straight

run the bath
jump in bath to have a soak & take out some heat
kids either already undressed and tearing naked around the house
or in various states of undress
I start to feel a small amount of self-satisfaction about how smoothly the day ran,
how getting a good rhythm going works so well


over the edge of the bath comes...

a potty full of wee

which empties its contents on me before hitting me in the head

closely following it, Leo's face appears, filled with glee
(the other two faces filled with shock & obvious AWE)

And so ended my day, minus that self-satisfied feeling I was just about to call my own.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Things I'm loving...

Things I'm really loving right now........

[if you take out the Pakistan flooding and protracted post-election posturing]

the first home-grown asparagus (eaten raw by me, me, me)
the garden is suddenly bursting (thank you rain)

three participants in the Mobilo building sessions

a bird postcard for Don

the excitement growing over upcoming swim lessons

Leo's love of bling, hats & glasses

bringing a little spring inside

easy spring skirts, this one from The Market today and this one...

made from a thrifted [hideous + ripped + 50c] maternity linen skirt

with the ESSENTIAL number THREE tag

& this bloke, on Fathers Day, for sharing in the love & the load that is parenting


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