Monday, September 13, 2010

Eating our greens

We are still trying to eat our way through our green excess

so dinner tonight was a green version of our ricotta gnocci recipe,
a great one for the kids to roll & chop into evenly sized pieces

this lot had the above spinach steamed, zapped & mixed in

the sauce selections from the pantry/freezer
(everyone went for the pesto)

served with fresh peas, snowpeas & miners lettuce to make an all-round green meal

despite looking like boiled green playdough it was all eaten without fuss.

The miners lettuce has been excitely eaten by the smalls ever since I told them how fairies use these as umbrellas & love to eat them all day long

I like to think of it as encouraging their imagination rather than lying

because everyone knows that tofu comes from tow-trucks*
(in particular Terry-the-tow-truck-driver)

* I can't take the credit for this one as Max came up with it himself


bec said...

It's amazing what kids will get used too, I hear so many parents saying their kids won't eat this sort of stuff, inventive stories are the best!

Liesl said...

Oh Angie, you made me laugh out loud when I got to the bit about tofu. That's hilarious!

Your gnocchi looks so delicious!

Michelle said...

That's such a great idea about the miners lettuce. We've got stacks in the garden so will have to try your trick. The tofu is very clever too!

All looks like fun at your place!

Green Mama said...

The pesto looks gorgeous- what's the recipe?

pen said...

i love the fairy umbrellas and the tow-fu-truck! our tofu comes from the great roaming tofutabeast, famous for being so quick.

Green Mama said...

Would love the recipe! Thanks

dillpickle said...

We started working on the spinach in our garden last night. Kids will eat nearly anything if they see where it comes from! My daughter would eat eggs everyday if we'd let her, now that we've got chooks and she gets to collect the eggs. I'm hoping that the same thing happens with the veges that will hopefully grow from the seeds she helped plant in the garden!


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