Thursday, September 9, 2010

There are better ways to end the day.....

* the nest the kids made under the clothesline

Some days
(yesterday in particular)
the sun shines and shines
the kids happily play outside most of the day
the slow cooker is going by mid morning
I squeeze in a little sewing
I get to have a conversation on the phone
(kids still outside obviously)
everyone remains reasonably cool, calm & collected
(due to the timely supply of sleeps, snacks & smoothies)
no bills arrive
partner phones to say he will be late
slow cooker feeds everyone
so far, so good

heading for the home straight

run the bath
jump in bath to have a soak & take out some heat
kids either already undressed and tearing naked around the house
or in various states of undress
I start to feel a small amount of self-satisfaction about how smoothly the day ran,
how getting a good rhythm going works so well


over the edge of the bath comes...

a potty full of wee

which empties its contents on me before hitting me in the head

closely following it, Leo's face appears, filled with glee
(the other two faces filled with shock & obvious AWE)

And so ended my day, minus that self-satisfied feeling I was just about to call my own.


willywagtail said...

Nooo. I think that should still be part of the satisfied day. I like to look at such things as science experiments gone wrong. Kinda "what will happen if I do this?" type of experiments. Rest of your day sounds great, especially the dinner cooking all day bit.

JANE said...

You could be living in my house, Angie! Ah, yes, the joys of living on Planet Baby! J x

pen said...

oh too funny! he seems to be developing a good sense of humour then?

kim at allconsuming said...

Wow. A whole new take on that kind of shower.

Anonymous said...


On the bright least it was at the end of the day and you weren't dressed ready to go out!

littlegreenvillage said...

sorry, the above comment was by me, not anonymous. I must have pressed the wrong button.

Mama Mogantosh said...

I LOVE that hilarious little rascal. I enjoyed this post from beginning to end. And I hope you still put them all in the wee bath.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Ang but Til thought it was the funniest story and had some great big belly laughs at your expense! Britt

Victoria said...

I screamed out loud - OH ANGIE! That's dreadful, but strangely not as completely devastating as the idea of it would have once been!

katepickle said...

Oh dear *giggle*.... some days are just like that...


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