Friday, October 15, 2010

Rainy day baking month goes by quickly in these parts as the Spring weather ramps up. There has been more time out & about

:: in the garden (oh the weeds!),
:: at parks (chasing the now walking one year old),
:: visiting friends & general Spring frolicking
:: I've started back at some local markets, the last one here (such great marketing!)
:: Max started riding his pedal bike (with so many a near misses & belly laughs)
:: My folks have been & gone (taking the smalls swimming each day, giving me many a sleep-in & child-free hours)

Of course the weather has been up & down, one day it's all summery , the next the heating is on all day! We did a bit of rainy day baking before our sunny, sunny day yesterday. We are now back to drizzle & grey, perfect for munching through the rainy day gingerbread.

My two helpers (Leo often accessorises in his apron, which works much better than a bib)

The tools (cloud cutter from here)

Arrangement directed by Adelaide

Rainy day eating at it's best


Umatji said...

oh that is so great! What a perfect rainy day snack.

Gina said...

What an adorable gingerbread vignette. I could eat your little helpers, too...

mangocheeks said...

Oh they are so wonderful. Can't wait to see what you get up to in the kitchen with the little ones when its snowing :)


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