Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Snippets from the weekend

I often wish I had a bit more time/energy to write more but the truth be told I don't. And some things are easier to convey in pictures anyway (especially for my distance relatives who only keep checking back to see pictures of the kids anyway!)

Finally the summery weather is here, making me want to spend everyday in the garden. The weeding & planting has started here, along with eating our meals outside & staying up well past our bedtimes because it is still light.

Last weekend we tackled many of those projects that have been in my back of my mind, just waiting for the days to get longer, the nights to be less disturbed & the right bits & bobs to be found at the tip shop.

So here it is, a late spring weekend in the burbs...

Co-joined bread, one from me, a little one created (& eaten) by Addie

mobilo swords

beetroot harvesting

broad bean snacking

outside, outside, outside play

a building project for Max and I (& his new tools)

to create a climbing frame for this years beans

a fishing game project for Max and Tim to make

some quick fish made using a washer & some old soy sauce fish
(have I mentioned I never throw anything away?)

and a bit of mango cutting & freezing for future summer smoothies
(with willing mango seed cleaners)

Looking forward to the summer to come


affectioknit said...

Awesome projects - your beets look delicious as does your bread!

Anonymous said...

Leo looks very cute and has grown so much....he has the Tasmanian tan going on! luv Britt.


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