Wednesday, November 24, 2010

the after effects of camping

We went camping on the weekend, long gone are the days of light weight hiking!

This morning I put the last few bits of cleaned gear away downstairs
(to stop the kids thinking/asking if we were going camping again)

The camping trip was great
ignoring the bit where I tried to put Leo to bed at his normal sleep time,
next time he can play around in the dirt a bit longer until it is dark!

The main problem was that it was only for 2 days (which requires the same amount of gear as a 2 week trip!) The other problem was that while I tried to pack everything away the kids trashed the rest of the house, the ants started attacking the silkworms & no-one planted my long suffering tomato seedlings!


tricia said...

I've got this to look forward to. Were going camping this weekend. For two days - and our hallway is rediculously full of stuff waiting to be packed.

Long gone are the the days of camping out of a backpack.

Please tell me it was worth the hassle ;-)

Tania said...

Today we bought a tent. A seriously sized tent. The new mantra around here is YOU WILL LOVE CAMPING, YOU WILL LOVE CAMPING, DAMN IT, KIDS YOU WILL LOVE CAMPING! I know I'm going to hate the bit at the end.

toasted said...

I know this story too. We've camped a lot since having kids. My partner and I were both pretty keen campers before kids, but in a 'chuck a few pairs of clean knickers and a blanket in a bag and off I go' kinda way. Four years into this camping-with-kids caper and we've pretty much collected together a whole cooking and camping kit that is never needed anywhere else at home and we store it all in plastic storage boxes. They go from the cupboard into the van when we want to leave for camping, and from the van to the cupboard when we get home. I tend to let my fellah pack clothing for us all cos he has no tendency to over-pack whatsoever, and then I chuck in an extra warm layer for everyone when he's finished (which he argues against at the time but thanks me for later.) And also, with his minimalist packing style, I can be pretty sure that all clothing is totally filthy when we get back and just dump the lot in the washing basket. This way of doing it may not be everyones cup-of-camping tea but it does mean I don't suffer the extreme camping fatigue I had in the early days and am willing to do it frequently.

Oh - and we always keep the kids real active on the day we're leaving and then hop in the van after dinner so they're tired enough to fall straight asleep for the whole journey. It means we arrive late and have to set up the tent in the dark ... but man is the stress level lowered about 15 notches!

Sorry bout the short essay here - it's a topic close to my heart!

Two Tuesdays said...

Packing away after camping is the pits. But the days away are always fabulous and definitely worth the pack away cranks.


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