Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living in Hobart

Today was a gorgeous Hobart sunny day.

The kids declared it hot enough to fill up the splash pool.

The swimmers are still out on the line.

and yet

yesterday was cold, wet and grey.

To wear the kids out & give them their dose of outside play ,

I dug out the winter suits (packed away LAST week)

and they all put on gumboots to go splashing in puddles/mud/unidentified squishy bits.

The suits are also still hanging on the line drying.
(although after today they would be dry, and yet they are still there)

you never know what you will get
(particularly if you never look at the weather forecasts)


toasted said...

Hmmm. Same thing could be said of Perth. Shall we put it down to the (some say untrue) effects of climate change? Actually, I'm a bit terrified - someone told me the other day that the fellah who wrote "Future Eaters" reckons Perth will be a drought-ridden ghost town in 50 years. So far, our dams are so low that we're only allowed to water our gardens once a week. And we've had a 35 degree day and a 12 degree day in the same week this month!! Lovely photos though. (sorry, did';t plan on ranting!)

Kate said...

Nice - swimming weather. WA weather has ben quite strange this week too.

Anonymous said...

Typical Tassie enjoyable weather sunny one day and snowing the next.
;-) Britt

pen said...

mmmm if i checked the weather forecast more often i wouldn't be caught in the rain as often :( it's been summer weather here this week - humid, rainy and then clear hot sunny blue skies. pool and beach time. we have swimmers and towels permanently on the line these days.

Tricia said...

We've had similar weather here in newcastle recently also. Winter one day and smmer the next.

Following on from your coment on my blog....I listen to radio interviews while doing housework also. Makes chores almost fun.

Maxabella said...

It's like that here at the moment too. Wet and cold one day, hot and sunny the next. We have every season running in the wardrobes right now. Fit to burst!!

Great images. x


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