Thursday, November 25, 2010

National broadbean rollout & other garden news

Growing & eating fresh & seasonal is often made out to be more glamorous than it actually is. At our place what it usually means is major gluts of various produce. The last couple of weeks I've been harvesting spinach. This is how the early harvests looked, manageable & reasonably pleasant on the eye...

In reality with the amount of spinach in the garden (going to seed), there were a few nights spent washing & cooking copious green leafy bunches, with dirt clumps spilling all over the kitchen
(see that exclusive black silicone strip under the taps...definitely not mould!)

Like most work it was worth it in the end..

This week it is all broad beans, broad beans, broad beans

with a few compost bag mushrooms thrown in for good measure
(Tricia has better instructions than I'll ever get around to writing)

When invited out for another broad bean rummage & harvest, Max informed me that Julia Gillard is also having a broad bean roll out, he heard it on the radio! There are lots of great broad bean recipes out there, but for the most part ours are eaten freshly double shelled, or raw.

so there are no worries in regard to us getting our greens currently, silverbeet anyone?


Joanne said...

Lol! Love the broad bean rollout! That sure is a bumper crop of greens.

Naturally Carol said...'s feast or famine with gardens! A couple of years ago, I had a little vege patch and an abundance of greens. Since the neighbours put up a shade cloth fence which stops the morning sun and my son brought another dog when he came home to little patch is no more...famine! I have to buy them all now, until I can work something else out.

Kate said...

Look at all those great greens!
Skirts - I do recommend the Sew What - Sew Skirts book, but yes I did a bit of modifying to get mine, but it was worth it.

pen said...

i spilled my tea i laughed so much! a broad bean roll out - too too funny :)

kelly said...

I hear you! We even had broad beans on pizza last night.
You can have too much of a good thing.

Bek said...

I have a little dream of a vegie patch, but I am decidedly dreadful at gardening. I am impressed by your bumper crops! I am the only one in the family who eats greens without complaining, so I guess if I had some vegies in the garden, I would be well fed indeed if I had your success.

Michelle said...

That Max is so funny and your spinach pie looks delicious.


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