Wednesday, June 30, 2010

teeth, tupperware, grandpa pants & winter fun

I'm not sure why or how time seems to slip away so quickly after the winter solstice but I'm feeling the swoosh of Christmas just around the corner, all the while trying to slow.down.a.little.

In recent times there has been:

the growing(& growing) of teeth
accompanied by the requisite night-waking & occasional breast-biting

the discovery of the Tupperware cupboard

(even though nothing pictured is actually Tupperware because I have to keep the containers we actually use somewhere else to minimise the trip hazards & to keep them sort-of clean for use!)

the dinner-preparation wearing of tupperware-scattering-THIRTEEN KILO-baby to avoid further lid-skating/falling incidents

the daily Mobilo creations
a super-hero watch

the rubbish collection scene I found this morning

the collecting of Grandpa pants

for the making of boy pants
(a quick picture taken en route to the washing machine after a trial wearing)

and the collecting of oddments from the winter garden

all the while trying to get outside despite the winter weather as we plot grand interior design schemes for the cubby house

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Creative Space - that old familiar sound

Growing up there was one sound regularly heard in the late hours after us kids were all in bed. It was the sound of my mother's Bernina as she sat sewing at the dining room table.

I can't remember a time when my Mum wasn't sewing or mending something. Despite having a sort of mezzanine/craft room up in the back shed - think farm shed - not of the Country Style variety - a real farm shed, the sort you build with your neighbours using timber from the farm.
To get to the' sewing room' you passed all the metal bins full of various animal feeds and then fought your way up the stairs (due to the various boxes containing sewing projects that overflowed from the room and cascaded down the staircase forcing your ever closer to the edge with no rails). Once you made it into the room you were surrounded by a WHOLE LOT OF FABRIC (it is hereditary you see) and a view over the chookruns/gardens beds. It was nearly always a total mess and I can see why Mum choose to set up at the dining room table.

All of these thoughts came back to me as I set up my Bernina at my dining room table to sew & mend last night. The sound it makes is so familiar to me & the stitching so simple & solid when compared to the new Janome I have been using of late. I automatically slip back into Bernina-mode, dropping all those quirky Janome habits that have snuck in (like pushing down instead of up for the reverse button).

I started with the mending pile......

Tim rolled his eyes & muttered something about patching clothes within an inch of their lives and the fact they cost next to nothing to buy new. He doe have a point about my ability to patch a patch rather than throw out clothing that is otherwise fine, super comfortable or a favourite. But the bit about new clothing being so cheap......don't even get me started on that one. Anyone who has ever sewn clothing knows that someone (think women in a sweatshop) somewhere (mostly China) is missing out so we can buy our cheap clothing. Anyhow before I go on, & on, & on....

Tim is of course happy to be on the receiving end of my mending-ways

fixing shabby China-sewn favourites (again! I'll have resewn every seam on these soon)

flipping the worn out collars on work shirts....

I then got started on some sewing for an upcoming market (my first in over a year). I've been wanting to make up a smock style tunic using a heavier linen/cotton fabric. There was much indecision regarding what binding to use

or spots

The spots were my preference but I needed a navy spot to match the navy linen, so I went for the candy cane option

I liked the result but for a market this style of binding takes too long so I'll have to come up with an alternative that is faster to make. By the time I was finished (I really, really dislike pinning & gathering) I was really actually ready for bed but decided to finish a couple of other bits off. The first I'm-too-tired-to-be-sewing-anymore warning was sewing the leg cuffs on inside out.

Convinced this was actually a brilliant modification & would be far more comfortable for baby to wear I pushed on for ONE-LAST-THING, at which point I overlocked into the strap of a dress. After much cursing & blaming of the overlocker I packed up & went to bed.

More creative spaces than you could ever imagine over at Kootoyoo. Take a packed lunch.

P.S. Mum, the reason I was set up on the dining room table was that I couldn't get to the other machine due to the MESS!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday morning reading

Having the paper delivered on the weekends is a great start to a lazy morning.

The local paper is divided up into various sections for various family members.

Until I met Tim I thought the car section was only provided to line the compost bucket, but he reads it. He really reads it, keeps it around & goes back to it even. Strange but true.

I usually head for the middle to read the gardening section over breakfast while listening to Peter Cundall on the radio. Lately though I've had some competition for the middle section.

Max has discovered the weekly bird column.

Now with his bird book ready we read about whatever adventures Don Knowler has been up to.

Imagine his excitement when this week featured a white-bellied sea undeniable favourite, partly fueled by this video (which he seems to watch every few days). Max often asks if he can BE a white-bellied sea eagle one day?

Not to pretend, a real one. Hmmmm.

When I suggested he could one day write about birds he nodded, pointed at the photo of Don Knowler & declared "I'll need a blue shirt then".

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mojo arrives - Hallelujah

back home

Although we flew back into Hobart a couple of weeks ago it seems that my mojo was left behind & only arrived a couple of days ago (I imagine it decided to hitchhike after missing the flight...typical)

The three weeks went by quite quickly (perhaps not for our hosts......thanks again m&d) in a whirl of catch-ups, cousins, lego, scooters, pawpaws, tarago-hire, BBQs and beach visits, flying fox-spotting (Max's new interest, right up there with birds)

We arrived to find winter had settled in while we were galavanting around in the relative warmth. The new heating is being installed at a snails pace & I'm looking forward to never again uttering "close the door

While waiting for my mojo to return I've been

:: pulling out the woolens

:: trying to ignore the state of the house
:: lamenting the loss of all my bookmarks after Tim's computer tinkering while I was away (all those tutorials!!!!!)

:: making stocks & soups
:: watching mobilo creations come & go
:: buying tickets to see Leonard again (he's venturing further south this time around)
:: hanging out in the local library (searching for books on bats & birds mostly)

and the most important winter survival strategy I know of

:: getting out into the sun whenever it shines for picnics, walks, scooter rides or park visits


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