Wednesday, February 9, 2011

playing catch up

wow, that was quite a blog-break!

Not sure what happened major upheavals, just the general madness of a market, a broken camera, interstate travel, Christmas, traveling back, unpacking (oh how I detest the unpacking!), getting back into a groove, summer gardening and all that jazz.

So I'm going big on pictures, slim on words for this little catch-up post.

Christmas was a great time with plenty of cousins, aunts, uncles & grandparents.

There were beach visits

rope swings
(I made the pics too big & can't be bothered redoing them so just click on it to see it all if you want)

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sprinkler fun

catching up with friends & hanging out in Melbourne

We arrived home to a clean house and tended garden (yah for house sitters)
40 minutes later we had several suitcases unpacked and the place trashed

Since then it has just been hanging out in Hobart....

dealing with summer fruits (bottling, jamming & eating)

inaugural harvests from last years plantings
(grapes & peaches)

feeding oneself
(he feeds, I do the extra washing)

using Christmas presents (more on this one later)

re-using the Christmas fabric wrapping bags (a-la-Soulemama)


and getting in some practice* before kinder starts
(*the school wood-work bench is eagerly anticipated)


Tonight the house is filled with the aroma of roasting tomatoes, garlic, shallots & herbs in preparation of this years first batch of roast tomato passatta. This is a huge improvement on the smell of overflowing compost (thankfully from the overflowing compost!) that was wafting around the kitchen prior to the baking. Interestingly it took me an hour and a half to prepare the tomatoes for roasting and it would have only taken me 1 minute to empty the compost bucket.

An insight into my general approach to housekeeping/life perhaps?


Michelle said...

Welcome back! All your home produce looks great. I'm curious about your passata - it sounds wonderful!

Two Tuesdays said...

Oh HUZZAH! So lovely to see you back. Sounds like you've had a delightful few months. Envious of all the delicious fruit and veg. Am definitely going to give the passata a crack.

fifi said...

so great to see all the shiney faces of the little people! i now have my own little person. i keep thinking about what you said - yes, wouldn't it be fab if we could store up sleeps before our babies are born? ha! wish i had some up my sleeve now!

Umatji said...

aaaaaah, I so find your story familiar but I would love to know more about the roast tom passata. How do you do it??

pen said...

great to see you back! love the pics, your kids have all sgot taller and more gorgeous!


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