Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sand (& water & whatever else) pit - thank you

In a week that combined the start of Kinder for Max, pre-school for Addie, school lunches/drop offs/pick ups for us, a busy...busy work week for Tim and seemingly a zillion other things I'm glad for the peace that something as simple as a sandpit can offer (although our sandpit is more aptly called an ever-growing sandy patch in the middle of the yard).

Once the kids are outside the play really begins. Gone are the ideas I had earlier in this parenting game about a sort-of neat box of sand with rules about not adding water, sheep poo, grass clippings or large pots of mud. Now it is very much about the kids doing whatever they like as long as I'm left out of it.

It seems to be an arrangement that suits all of us

This large pot makes a great focus (& sand bath apparently!)

sand & 'pearls'

There is of course a fair amount of sand eating

and sand-drinks to be had (the proof is in the nappies!)

It is a rather messy affair but nothing keeps them all as focused for as long (unattended)

Thank you, thank you sandpit

(+water + dirt + grass clippings)


Two Tuesdays said...

I am so with you. The sand pit is a marvelous invention. Though I have, at times, been known to bemoan the amount of sand that migrates into the cubby in the form of sand tea parties for ferocious ants to make nasty nests in.

Michelle said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love Addie's stytlish! Britt

Cirque Du Bebe said...

Wow! This is exactly the inspiration I've been needing to leave this crazy city of brisbane and pack up my kids and move somewhere they can have a free-range childhood! You have lucky kids...


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