Friday, March 25, 2011


Five years ago
(or there abouts)

we had this rolly-polly baby

now we have this delightful five year old who can

:: decorate his own cake

:: catch his own fish for dinner

:: help out with dinner (for real)

:: make a costume out of anything
(the back-to-front swimming googles in this case protect his eyes from wild dogs)

:: graciously recieve his hand made birthday presents with excitement and
gratitude that makes this mama so proud.

Adelaide was adament she wanted to sew him a present. In the end she sewed him up some sketch pads with her watercolour paintings as the covers....and managed to keep her gift a secret for one whole night (I only seem to manage to get the time for present making one day out....which is about the limit of my little peoples secret-keeping-capacity)

the sketch pads have started to be filled with still life drawings

or copied little notes....which blogger only wants to show sideways.

I found one yesterday that read "Sanitarium peanut butter crunchy".
Max assures me it is the start of a story about wolves.

Watching how a child grows into being their own person is becoming one of the most fascinating aspects of this parenting gig. How there are certain things we can influence as parents but how much of their personalities are just there.

The start of school has already fundamentally changed the rhythm of our days. Max seems to be enjoying his class & teachers while we all adjust to him not being around as much. Life with a four years old was great so I'm looking forward to life with a five year old and all that it may entail.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting away

After only one week of Kinder I was ready for a break. I can see why parents with school children look forward to the holidays (except perhaps for those working who need to organise other care). Max seems to be going fine with Kinder, although it is hard to get any real information out of him at the end of the day. I like the little school we decided to send him to, even though I still have moments of doubt (mostly about the fact we need to drive to it *GROAN* and my belief that the long hours children eventually spend in school are more to do with allowing parents to work than what they need to learn).

Thanks to friends getting married we got the break we all needed and headed up the east coast of Tasmania in a gigantic hired-campervan. Despite this gloomy picture we actually had great weather for the rest of the week.

The wedding was fantastic. Gorgeous location, great food, perfect weather, kid-friendly (which was handy considering they were suddenly everywhere) & very relaxed. Plus we managed to find a very capable babysitter for later in the evening. The following day was spent down at the beach. Leo was very concerned about the fact we left our shoes on the beach while swimming. Here he is hollering to Tim about his forgotten shoes.

We then headed off on our own adventures, lounging about with grey nomads, eating fresh crayfish, lolling about in rock pools, fishing, evening walks and hanging out on the beach.

We are back into the Kinder routine now but thankfully there is a long weekend of camping coming up to keep me going.


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