Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Purple food - is good

I seem to be getting better and better at hiding the foods my children will not eat in such a way that they unknowingly eat them. Sometimes it is pureeing them and adding them to soups or sauces (hello zucchini!), some just need to be frozen or grated and they then seem happy to eat them.

While my kids happily eat certain vegetables it can be difficult to get them to branch out and try new things. Mostly they eat their vegetables separate & raw which is fine by me as it is less work. In fact often the more effort I make the less likely they are to eat the meals I have prepared. The most popular meals usually look more like a plate of ingredients rather than the final product. When I make something like nicoise salad, their version is a plate with raw beans, salad leaves, a boiled egg, some tuna and a potato. No dressing, no tomatoes (I'm the only one in the house who eats raw tomatoes...I know.....I live with freaks) and no MIXING. This they will happily eat, if you discount Adelaide's initial response to every meal I serve her

"this is awful"

or my other favourite

"this is really disgusting"

This year I grew several purple things in the garden, including

borlotti beans

and purple beans (they are in there somewhere...poking out of the hat)

One of these days I'll find the perfect garden-produce-collecting-basket and leave our hats, colanders, old nappy bucket and serving bowls alone.

The sheer purple-ness of these veggies inspired much eating from my fussiest eater and inspired me to buy some purple carrots (they look fairly black actually and when eaten raw leave their teeth looking rather added bonus for Max). These were a colourful addition to my small and finally (after many failed/dismal attempts) successful carrot crop this summer

This purple-food-frenzy even extends to purple cabbage so I'm off to look for some purple carrot seeds and other purple goodness online, ignoring the autumn produce that is accumulating on the front porch....quinces, apples, yet more zucchinis chook food, walnuts and ripening tomatoes.


Victoria said...

My girls are exactly the same, they love their vegies raw. Honestly the only veggies they will eat cooked are brocolli (Leila), green beans (Ella) and sugar snaps just blanched (both). Otherwise cut up and raw. As you say, if they eat them, fantastic. They're also very fond of separate elements too.

Joanne said...

My boys also liked 'snack plates' when they were younger- chopped raw fruit and veg with a few crackers and cheese cubes- all separate on the plate.
DS14 still dislikes casseroles because everything is mixed together.

bec said...

Haham, just read Joanne's comment, my kid makes lots of mum's laugh when she askes for a 'platter'- like her kid's snack plates!
What is is about zucchini? It's delicious, I like it steamed then butter, yummo! Kids are crazy....

Cirque Du Bebe said...

Haha I can't believe your daughter tells you those things about your food! Got to love kids honesty hehe:)


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