Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Autumn proper

I'm going to get in quick or I'll check back in on this blog in a few more weeks and still find it stuck in early Autumn. The broccoli, tomatoes, zucchinis and parents (from my previous post) have all gone, some are missed more than others.

Some of the quinces went to neighbours, many were turned into quince paste or jelly, some eventually made it to the compost (after lingering near the front door for far to long) and there is STILL one box waiting patiently out in the 'big fridge' (near the front door). Who knows if the remaining quinces will become paste or compost. Our apples have all been picked and are meeting a better fate than the composted quinces, there has been sauce making, juices, pies & general munching.

The rugging up has started for afternoon walks usually resulting in
fresh-faced rosy-cheeked babes!

The winter-warming recipes are being welcomed back to the dinner table with the smalls starting to eat (very mild) curries in amongst their usual fare.
The slow cooker has been pulled out of hibernation.

After a bunch of sewing for last weeks market I was glad to see Elsie Marley is hosting her kids clothes week again. I'm hoping to get a few clothes sewn up for my own smalls, the requests so far have been for 'pajama pants that don't go up my bottom' (Adelaide), 'some very soft comfy pants' (Max) and some winter pants for Leo that actually cover his ankles.

To kick things off I've cut out a pair of these for Adelaide's request.

She grew out of her last pair a long time ago and they were by far the best 'don't go in your bottom' pants she has had to date. I would say that the pattern is better suited to slim kids or make sure you have a really stretchy fabric for the chunky-kid version (or as Max recently said about Leo's chubby wrist...'he has such soft meat')


bec said...

Oh, that cracked me up! "such soft meat". That'll keep me laughing every time I weigh a chubby baby! speaking of soft meat- I too did a beef curry in the slow cooker, to ok reviews from the kid- "I don't like how the meat falls apart in your mouth". Hmm, someone give her some tough gravy beef then! Good idea with the pappadums, must remember that! Oh, and a gorgeous Leo pic!

fifi said...

adelaide and max's words just gave my husband and i a well needed chuckle....we're deleriously grumpy from no sleep/baby up all night syndrome and it just made our day :)

Two Tuesdays said...

Hello! I think soft meat is by far the best expression for chubby I have ever heard! Love it. And will definitely use it (if that is ok with Max, of course)


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