Tuesday, May 10, 2011

kcw - spotty bot pants

I finished the monkey spat pants today. Adelaide has given them a big tick and despite being worn in the sandpit all afternoon she HAD to wear them to bed tonight.....what's a bit of sand in amongst all the other things she stashes under her duvet. I'm slowly being won over to sewing with knit fabric....it comes together so quickly (especially with an overlocker/serger). Just the type of sewing I need right now. These pants are a very slim fit with straight legs that work best if you add a bit more fullness around the upper legs (I forgot to on these ones). They are made from a soft brushed back stretch cotton that has plenty of stretch.

The next lot of pants will be for Max, cut from this assorted collection of Grandpa/ma pants

I've started with the rust-orange cords that I plan to line with thin fleece for really cold days.

Not sure when I'll get to sew these up but at least they are cut out & ready to go if a spare few moment appears and I need an excuse not to do another load of washing.

There is plenty of inspiration to be found over at Elsie Marley.


stitchandpurl said...

Love those pants - I can totally understand why she doesn't want to take them off!
I just looked at your Etsy shop too - beautiful! I hope that when I have another baby it'll be a girl! :)
Happy sewing,

hausfrau in melbourne said...

Very inspirational Angie,
I keep bookmarking things to sew the wee one, but my sewing machine continues to gather dust! Sorry about the late response, but re the blue shoes... the colour is "Ocean" and they are by a swedish company http://www.uggleboclogs.com/catalog/ugglebo-clogs/custom/women/milan/milan-in-normal-leather-colors.html
Very comfy indeedy.

Umatji said...

they are great - makes me want a spotty bot myself but somehow I think the effect on an adult is somewhat, less, well, wonderful.

Leigh @ Toasted said...

I love these pants. One day I'm going to get time to do a spot of sewing! In the meantime I'll just keep getting inspired (and yearning.)

Thanks for your lovely comment about my 'upcoming marriage' post. And yes - the wedding preps are a thing worth being put-off by! Soon we'll be in the company of grandparents and hopefully have a bit more time to focus on it. Right now it's an annoyance rather than a joy. But still, a deeply moving thing to be doing.

Mama Mogantosh said...

Those rusty cords are going to be so cool. And love the desert boots!


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