Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ahh the sunshine

I'm happily falling for the notion that winter is over

:: flowers from the garden & neighbourhood for the kitchen window sill
:: eggs from our girls
:: sink full of dishes crudely cropped from the photo

we've also been out collecting for flower pressing

I regularly find these at the op shop and the smalls love them; the collecting, the pressing, the waiting, the forgetting, the remembering


Umatji said...

what a good idea - I have seen them a bit too and never thought about it!

Michelle said...

We have so many eggs at the moment - it's wonderful!

small catalogue said...

Your kitchen is looking decidedly spring-y! We are also loving a good flower press session!

hanna said...

ah yes, LOVE Spring!
flower pressing sounds like a fun thing to do :)


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