Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I do so like if I can use some old cloth instead of buying something disposable.

Given the state of the cloth wipes I made back before Leo was born and the fact I have quite the collection of old towels and flannel sheet offcuts I launched into making a new batch in preparation for the next baby.

Armed with a new rotary cutter and too much enthusiasm for such a tedious task I cut up a few old vintage towels & flannel in quick succession. A large part of my thinking at the time was based on how much time a rotary cutter saves and how amazingly sharp a new blade is. This thought was of course followed by my next cut also removing a large slice of my finger. A sacrificial strip of flannel and a long sit down followed. Those superficial slices can really bleed!

That was well over a month ago and with my finger healed I tackled the unfinished wipes by overlocking the edges with no further injuries sustained. I'm liking this selection of towels from the days well before the super-sized white bath sheet.

Now I'm just working my way through the pile tying off the ends. A few have already entered circulation, along with these bibs, which were fast to make up and work well (I wonder if I'll ever use bias binding again now that I have fold-over elastic?)


Maxabella said...

OUCHY! Those cloths came in handy waaay before they were meant to! x

fifi said...

ahhh i did the exact same thing for my bub before she arrived! and fold over elastic?!?!?! DO TELL!!!!!!! i've never heard of such a thing. where can you get it from? how do you use?

fifi said...

thanks for elastic tips angie! and i doubt you are stalking me.....maybe the other way around. sometimes i find myself telling my mum or my husband what you are up to (crafting, or hilarious quotes from your kids etc).

rapid creek green papaya salad? oh my god. that stuff is awesome. ate it EVERY day. my in-laws live in rapid creek and boy that market was good!

Umatji said...

oh yep, I was so onto all that with my second and then when he got sick and it all went pear shaped life was a whole lot less green than I would have liked. Still, I would like to think that we have moved since then. But here in dariwn in huggies is ugly i must say. I so miss my cloth nappies! Also funny to see rapid creek and paw paw salad AGAIN!
I had some for tea. SOrry, no teasing intended!
My partner was here 17 years ago and when we saw 'the cool spot' at fanny bay - he said 'i used to come here and write poetry' and it seems they haven't painted the sign or changed the deco since! Less poetry writing as well these days! aah, the young!
hope your bump is good. LEast it isn't 40 degrees!

Littlegreenvillage said...

Great idea to make these cloths youself.


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