Saturday, August 6, 2011

Postcards from recent times

The feeling of needing to get things done is increasing in direct proportion to my inability to see my feet, but looking back over the last couple of weeks we have been making progress while still fitting in fun things....

Another 2011 snowday

yah for polar fleece!

(and for these old-style thrifted snowsuits)

(and for warm drinks in the van when the clouds roll in)

(and for undercover clothes lines to dry everything out)

Girls only lunches out

Playing in our yard, which is now just a series of puddles....

another shirt for the dye pot!

the building of new bookcases to prepare the junk room sewing room spare room potential third bedroom for guests and eventually baby change table and other baby paraphernalia.

These span the wall above our bed (and amazingly fitted exactly - without prior measuring - and went up much faster than expected). They are in the process of being filled with those books we have not culled plus a variety of other homeless bits. Given there will soon be six of us living in a reasonably small house, we are attempting to use the bits of space that are usually wasted....the walls. It's not very zen perhaps but there was not much zen going on around here anyway!

Our efforts in the dining room have stalled due to a series of laughable exchanges with electricians who advertise as happy to do domestic work but never turn up, call back or act remotely interested in moving the offending power point. Meanwhile the bits we have done fill up with more homeless bits and pieces!

Cold-busting juices (I've discovered the secret to regular juicing is to do it the night before as I have little time or enthusiasm for the actual juicing bit first thing in the morning...the noise alone is a dreadful start to the day)

Lots of soup weather lately, thankfully the kids are into minestrone
(made using the recipe from here anyway)

It can be heartening to download recent photos from the digital camera to be reminded of the good things that do not necessarily stick in my memory :: because really who has time to take photos of towering piles of washing and dishes, siblings arguing and whining or evenings where the house looks like a bomb has gone off!


Michelle said...

Love all your photos. The snow day ones especially!

Caroline said...

Oh the first half of your first sentence here totally sums it up for me! I NEED to be getting things done, they're not, I can't see my feet = frustration! But I'm not going to lose the plot for a few weeks yet. :)

Leigh @ Toasted said...

Lovely post of the important things in a young families life! The way you write it expresses it so well.

ashley said...

i would love to see an entire day's worth of dirty washing and temper tantrums recorded. could make for some funny memories (much) further down the track!
love the snowsuits, and the memories you are keeping...
x ashley

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

the photos are great! how good is the bookshelf! the memories are great, all parts, especially the messy parts :)


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