Tuesday, October 18, 2011

boy o' boy

Already it feels like he has always been with us

born (with less haste than his siblings...phew)

7 October 2011

Reuben Henry

Now a little gang of 3 brothers (gulp)

With one sister, holding her own for now
(while still holding out for 2 more siblings....both girls....to make it even)

(as Leo would say "NO WAY")

He has been kind to us so far with much feeding and sleeping. I'm under no illusions that it will continue this way but for now it is nice to so easily meet the needs of one of my peeps.

Having my mum still with us has made the whole experience much easier for everyone.

thank you
thank you
thank you


Hootnz said...

Congratulations on your gorgeous little boy, glad to hear hes sleeping and feeding well... lovely when they are like that, enjoy :)

Ps: Has anyone said " you have the start of your own football team" yet? Thats a common one we hear alot :)

Michelle said...

Hello Reuben! That's a very fine name. Oh Ange, I've been thinking about you and so glad to hear that he's arrived safely.


Umatji said...

oh well done you! what a pearler of a beautiful boy - though I hear your 'eep' on the gang of three! you will be a well loved mama for EVER - there is no love like a sons love!
The pic in the car is just lovely - enjoy nesting in - hope the honeymoon stage lasts for donkeys.
sending love

Victoria said...

WOOOOO HOOOO!! I had a feeling you were busy doing the new mama thing and HOORAY for nans! Congratulations Ange, well done, I'm sure you'll manage amazingly well and if you don't sing out, we'll all support you with words when we can't with actual hands on.

Sarah said...

Lovely to see photos!

Hope to see him in real life soon : o )

Leigh @ Toasted said...

He's a bit gorgeous. Congratulations. And I love the pragmatism of a fourth time mama.. no illusions. Quite a good way to be I reckon. Love to you all.

bec said...

Gorgeous boy! You sure make beautiful children! wow, that felt like such a quick pregnancy (to us haha, but not you!). Addy will get used to being the 'sepcial' girl haha, and your gang of buys will be equally gorgeous. Congratulations!

Suzy said...

Just thought I'd pop onto your blog Ang and so happy to be met with some photos. He is beautiful and unique. It amazes me that we can continue to create small perfect individuals.

Bouncing off a previous comment here, maybe together we can put together a football team. Not sure how many it takes but we're getting close!!

lots of love.

Gina said...

Here already?! Welcome Reuben. What a little cutie - with a very distinguished name. Lovely.

And yay for your mum.

Joanne said...

He's gorgeous- and very bright, knowing eyes for such a newborn! You can tell he's not missing a trick.

Tricia said...

Reuben is so so cute!

Congratulations! I giggled thinking about just how much grief those three boys are going to give your daughter ;-)

small catalogue said...

Oh he is delightful! Congratulations you clever thing! xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Such a sweet boy! Just stumbled about your bolh - my daughter was born on October 7th , 2009. The best day for a birthday, for sure! ; )


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