Friday, November 4, 2011

High pants :: long pants

Sewing for babies can seem a pointless task at times given the deluge of barely-worn baby hand-me-downs that you receive when people hear you are pregnant. And the fact the good old Bonds wondersuit is all they need most of the time as a newborn. Plus it can be super fiddly working on things that small.

But it is such an easy way to use up small amounts of fabrics, to experiment with upcycling and because if you want your smalls to wear handmade, you need to start ASAP because before you know it they will not be so interested in wearing those pants you made from one of dads old shirts!

Having said all that I've managed very little baby sewing so far (which is fine). But having recently carved out a little sewing space after some major spring cleaning and rearranging I did manage to make a start.

These wool pants were actually made the week before Rueben was born. Or they were sewn up the week before he was born, they were cut out a few weeks earlier. I used an not-so-old fine merino wool jumper of mine that had a few holes in it (Ahhh!). I used this pattern with a few modifications. They turned out to be rather high-waisted which actually works well as warm overpants when going out as they add another layer to his tum.

harry-high-pants pants!

I'm not that into baby socks as they always seem to be too small, fall off after a few squirms or get lost in the wash. Consequently I am into pants with feet to keep those little toes warm. As Reuben has started to stretch out as well as grow he is growing out of his pants/suits with feet in length only (squashed toes can't be comfy). So rather than face any outing with 4 smalls in tow I decided to just add length to some of the baby pants and suits.

It was quick easy sewing with great results...

It's not really a tutorial but here are some pics that might show you how to do it.

Much easier than a shopping trip!


bec said...

Oh, he's so cute! Love the harry high pant pants, like an old lady with her tights up under her boosies- oh, hang on, that's me! And the orange and white looks great, he'll be out of them so quick too.

Maxabella said...

He's so cute in his extra Harry-hi's.

Don't you love it how babies just seem to KNOW when they look a bit ridiculous? Their faces seem to say, "Heh, it's not like I dressed myself!" x

Umatji said...

you are amazing and I would so date your son in those pants. well, you know what i mean!

small catalogue said...

You are a genius! And Master Reuben is gorgeous!


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