Thursday, November 17, 2011

week's end

I'm officially calling an end to this week.

We're skipping kinder, playgroup and drama.

The Mr misses out. He gets to go to work.
And he gets to deal with the house in the state we leave it in upon departure.
But he also gets 2 nights at home sans children.
(or more importantly 2 mornings!)

We're heading to a smaller Island.

We're heading for a lighthouse adventure.

We're heading to celebrate a birthday.

There is much excitement (think :: chaos) in the house...suitcases are being wheeled around with reckless abandon, I'm wearing shoes to protect my toes. I'm overhearing whispered conversations about sneaking more 'essential' items into said suitcases. I'm ignoring it.

It has been a perfectly ordinary week which I've been feeling thankful for in the light of others in the midst of less ordinary circumstances.

celery experiments (I can grow it, I just can't stand to eat it raw)

copious amounts of breastfeeding

park visits where 2 boys ignored all the play equipment the entire time

Inexplicable excitement over visiting the dentist, equally inexplicable gloom over not having a new tooth growing like her brothers.

The house and yard are littered with paper planes, paper planes in production, discarded paper planes. I find myself watching you tube clips on making paper planes (over, and over, and over again), I have discussions about what paper planes are the best, what makes a plane fly...or more often why it will not fly as predicted. I know there are planes packed to see if they fly better when launched from a lighthouse (they would have to, I'm certain!)

I've raided the garden, we're off

Happy weekending to you, I've a boat to catch.


Umatji said...

what an adventure - I love lighthouses - just visited the red and white striped one - all metal built in 187-something in Geraldton. hmm. love a lighthouse. have fun and fill us in on the details!

Sarah said...

I hope you had a LOVELY long weekend!

LOVE the photos - especially BF!!! Gave me a good giggle!

Anonymous said...

Have a fun Ang - say Happy b'day to mum for me. Hopefuly you might even get a sleep in one morning or an afternoon nap! Luv Britt

Allana said...

Your perfectly ordinary week sounds perfectly lovely! Love your little one breastfeeding there used to be lots of that going on here too, always with serious faces on for some reason!
Have an awesome weekend!

Michelle said...

Have a great break! My house is littered with paper planes too.

small catalogue said...

Sounds wonderful! Envious.


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