Thursday, February 16, 2012

Toe eater

Having given up on his quest to simultaneously breastfed and suck his finger, Reuben has moved on to greater challenges, like sucking his toes whenever he is nappy free.

Because it's hot and we think it's funny to watch, there is a lot of nappy free time of late.

(the kids find the occasional randomly aimed pee far more hilarious - of course)


bec said...

too too cute- he's looking a lot like Leo in this pic I think, God your kids are cute! Go toes!

Caroline said...

Haha, my Mateo does that too, fingers and breast all in one go (he's a toe holder though, not a toe eater...yet).

Sarah said...

love it!!!

My little man never really went for his toes. One of my favourite stages with my older two... shame hey!


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