Friday, March 2, 2012

School days

I'm missing the pace of school holidays

The slow mornings
with kids working on their own mess activity
pots of tea
the musings over breakfasts

the baby entertainers

the dress-ups

the stumbling upon kids playing their own games
(hairdressers :: with no scissors thankfully)

and the reading

The thing I miss the most though is not in any of the photos I finally downloaded from our bulging memory card. I miss the snippets throughout those days where I could do my own things. Whether it is time in the garden or a bit of sewing or my own reading. It seems counter-intuitive that these moments have decreased since school started and I'm sure it will change as we settle into a school rhythm.

I also miss the knowing what the smalls have been up to, even if I just come in at the end of it, there is usually enough mess evidence that I can see what has gone on.

These school days

Are about rushed mornings while trying not to rush anyone
Attempting to soothe pre-school anxieties that evaporate at the school gate
Wrangling cranky tired school kids from Wednesday through to Friday
Having no idea what they did at school that day ("I forgot")
Making lunches and keeping track of water bottles

Some days (Thursday afternoon around 5pm to be precise) I see the appeal of home-schooling

There is of course all the good school stuff

the excitement, the learning, the new friendships, the school community

Another benefit is not having conversations that leave you feeling like you are living with a crew of nutters. This example from before school started back....

Adelaide: (running inside wailing like a banshee) Max won't give me a jellybean

Me: Hmmmm, Max doesn't have any jellybeans

Adelaide: (through the tears) He has pretend jellybeans

Me: Hmmmm.....Max come here please ( I'm pretending I said please)

Max: What?

Me: Can you please share your jellybeans with Adelaide?

Max: No........ I don't have enough

Adelaide: (renewed crying) Awwwwwww

Me: (grrrr) Adelaide, how about you have some of your own jellybeans?

Adelaide: (going for an Oscar) Because I don't have any!!!


Leigh @ Toasted said...

hehe - well at least your kids have strong abilities to totally inhabit their imaginary worlds. Trying for a mama to mediate imaginary unfairness!

Victoria said...

Oh my that made me laugh!

Sarah said...

Oh I hear you Anglea... re school going back. I miss the big boys being around. I miss their company. This is why I like weekends - though they can seem a feral at times...

I had a big smile about the jelly beans.

Michelle said...


Umatji said...

THis post is so ace. I totally get it and so glad you are in the club of people who actually prefer school holidays as opposed to LOATHE them. We are still only up to three days a week but that is way too much for me


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