Sunday, May 6, 2012

Goodbye April

Goodbye April.

It was all a bit of a blur but gladly I took some photos so I can see some of what we did in April by looking back through them.

:: we weekended at Cockle Creek

:: we harvested a whole bunch of kale (now frozen) and spuds

:: we welcomed Reuben to the table as a fellow eater

:: Adi harvested the last of the basil
(pigtails by herself I will add - you can't see the third one at the back!)

:: we always had tomatoes on the windowsill 
(or in bowls or baskets cluttering up the kitchen bench/floor)

::  I left town for a week with smallest smalls to attend my Nan's funeral.

Since I arrived home I've been enjoying the Autumn light, wherever it falls.

Hello May


Anonymous said...

Goog to see the snow suit out already on Ade in April! Britt

Umatji said...

harvesting basil in a snow suit is just wonderful! what a lovely lot of pics - and what an enormous eating kind of boy! round about kind of months do rely on the camera for perspective!

littlegreenvillage said...

So wonderful to see all of those lovely vegetables being harvested and getting the kids involved!

Victoria said...

Just glad to hear all is well in your little world. Silly perhaps but I do worry about my little blog clan when some are "quiet" for a while. Mind you A, when do you seriously manage to squeeze in any for that!


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