Friday, June 22, 2012

Long nights

[my mama planting garlic]
[blue scribble courtesy of his little brother!]

To celebrate the shortest day of the year I took on a plot at our 'local' community garden to plant out some extra garlic. I needed another garden bed like a hole in the head, especially one that that was so full of weeds! But as the babe slept in his car seat and the others climbed trees I got it weeded and planted out (much later than our other garlic crop). Upon arriving home Max wrote a story of his day, the bit above was my favourite part! I'm loving this new phase where he is so interested in writing; writing stories, writing letters, writing notes, writing jokes (will these jokes get funny one day?). It is just so great to see the excitement of writing by himself.

To 'celebrate' the longest night Reuben came in to our bed early for a chat


Here's to the days growing longer

Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Monday

There are times when the whole stay-at-home parent (for lack of a better term right now) can be a bit much, but to be honest it really is a great gig. The best gig right now.

I've been absent from here lately mostly because I've been happy just doing all the ordinary life stuff and not making any time for blogging. The only downfall of that is that this place can be a good way to document various aspects of our days.

With school back I'm starting the term off by taking stock, focusing my energy on de-cluttering and gardening and enjoying where we are right NOW.

Now is good, really good

shadow play

mama gardening time

water pump play


Of course not everything is grand and joyful but this is it, this is our now.

Now is good, really good

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Last call for tomatoes

Hello June


the kids & I pulled the last of the tomatoes
(I heart school holidays)

The final pick is in, the green, the orange, the red
After a summer of the kitchen window sill looking like this

we now have


:: THE (not so) BAD



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