Friday, June 22, 2012

Long nights

[my mama planting garlic]
[blue scribble courtesy of his little brother!]

To celebrate the shortest day of the year I took on a plot at our 'local' community garden to plant out some extra garlic. I needed another garden bed like a hole in the head, especially one that that was so full of weeds! But as the babe slept in his car seat and the others climbed trees I got it weeded and planted out (much later than our other garlic crop). Upon arriving home Max wrote a story of his day, the bit above was my favourite part! I'm loving this new phase where he is so interested in writing; writing stories, writing letters, writing notes, writing jokes (will these jokes get funny one day?). It is just so great to see the excitement of writing by himself.

To 'celebrate' the longest night Reuben came in to our bed early for a chat


Here's to the days growing longer


bec said...

So glad you're blogging again! Reuben's getting so big! And as cute as the other 3, you make cute kids!

Sarah said...

I LOVE that pic of Reuben! What a cutey!

I am impressed with your garlicing. Oliver enjoyed popping round after arriving home saying "Mum I am SO tired - I had enough of being social." Then I waited a little while and told him... he was gone "via the shop to get afternoon tea" as I needed cream and came back with a 'great choice Oliver' sighhhhh

Victoria said...

I'm always so envious of your garlic every year. Must make space for it - can I still plant even though it's past the shortest day?

Umatji said...

Ha, that face is like contraception and anti-contraception all at once - how is that???!!

Victoria said...

I did plant some Ange and they came up very quickly - only two rows - but I'll squeeze in more where I can this weekend!


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