Monday, June 18, 2012

Our Monday

There are times when the whole stay-at-home parent (for lack of a better term right now) can be a bit much, but to be honest it really is a great gig. The best gig right now.

I've been absent from here lately mostly because I've been happy just doing all the ordinary life stuff and not making any time for blogging. The only downfall of that is that this place can be a good way to document various aspects of our days.

With school back I'm starting the term off by taking stock, focusing my energy on de-cluttering and gardening and enjoying where we are right NOW.

Now is good, really good

shadow play

mama gardening time

water pump play


Of course not everything is grand and joyful but this is it, this is our now.

Now is good, really good


Leigh @ Toasted said...

You know, I can relate in a big way. I'm pretty happy in my life right now, and somehow blogging just aint a priority. If I get a spare moment, I'd rather read a book these days!

Anonymous said...

Looks so peaceful and quite with the 2 kiddies...compared to last week when we had 6 altogether - but a great time and the girls can't wait to see the cousins again!! Hope max is enjoying the return to school. (ps my mobile is flat - did I happen to leave the charger at your house?) Luv Britt

Umatji said...

totally great post - just right up my alley


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