Friday, July 6, 2012


 This girl of mine loves patterns

Each time I look through the photos on our camera lately I find Adelaide's patterns, a few photos taken by request but most taken by her.

Over time the patterns have become more and more complex.

By far the favourite item to borrow from school is the big box of tesselations tiles, but she happily builds patterns with all sorts of bits and pieces

We look for patterns in all sorts of things, from fabric to succulents....her world is suddenly full of patterns or a lack of patterns. 

Today we are collecting together a box of bits and bobs for yet more patterning


Sarah said...

owww I see a quilter in the making...

Zara said...

Oh yes I think you have a quilter on your hands too.
All the different shapes of dried pasta would be good for patterning too.

Pen said...

ha ha i thought quilting too!
we were just playing with our pattern blocks tonight too. spooky.


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