Sunday, July 15, 2012


A candle-lit dinner for a boy turning three (gulp!) on Friday 13th
(Everyone ate their greens, probably as they couldn't see even complained!)

Bike rides

Wagon rides for an unwell baby during the 40 minutes when the paracetamol seemed to actually work, the rest of the time spent being carried around in mostly Mama's arms

A much anticipated tooth that finally fell out!

How I love these notes
 (Dear Toothfairy, Here is my first tooth, from Max)

In amongst it all were the general weekend lego-making, washing-catchup, lunchbox-emptying, toenail-clipping, drying-laundry-inside-shuffling, sibling-arguing, solo-dad-birthday-fishing, hair-washing, rat-catching shenanigans.

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